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  1. I got the solution. Its a search widget B) How stupid I am!! Mods, please delete the thread.
  2. Hello, I am new to Modaco as well as Android. I just bought Motorola Milestone. While using it, I have deleted the quick search box appears on top of home screen. I want it back there. Can anyone please guide me how to bring it back? Thanks a lot
  3. Just now I came to know that its ZTE branded handsets. In India, there is hardly any practice of contract and subsidy from operator. Its just available on Blackberry, iPhone and few selected hi-end smart phones. Dell XCD series will grab serious attention, with respect to price range, which is affordable for mid-range customers, who are Android enthusiast. According to news, Dell is offering replacement warranty of one year on both the handsets. XCD 28 will be launched in Nov-Dec 2010, XCD 35 will be launched in first Quarter of 2011.
  4. I have IPAQ 514, which runs well with WMDC and WIN7 But over and all, IPAQs look old and lost its way in current happenings of Android and WinPhone7 (upcoming)
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