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  1. Can we use a female to female USB converter and then connect the USB peripheral on the other end ?
  2. I tried to install but then it borked the display when running any other game. Any idea on what I did wrong ?
  3. If I order this, I will be able to assemble it, right. I mean it is not that tough is it ?
  4. Well $250 is too much, @bhull521 : can you please PM the link for the LCD, I am under the same predicament as the OP. I need to replace the LCD
  5. Anand this is "Launcher 7" this is no WIP :( enjoy and watch people's reactions :D
  6. Can you please post or PM the path for the 1.9 beta, there are so many things not working in 1.8.1 I am ready to give 1.9 a try.
  7. I will try the haptic feedback in the next version and also fix the enter bug. Could you please post a screenshot showing what you mean when you say that the popup is on bottom and not on top.
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