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  1. Thanks, did you get it on this build? (I need to be sure before adding the warning/notice in the OP)
  2. I know @skull_fcuk seemed to have got this but I got the following email from android.com shortly after I flashed the rom and registered my account I assume this is normal right as it is a modified nexus s base if it is normal then I think it needs to be noted in the OP so has anyone else got this email even though they haven't got a nexus s? Google and Samsung have partnered to bring you Nexus S, a pure Google experience phone. Learn more: * Register your Nexus S at http://www.samsung.com/us/support/account/regist * Visit http://www.google.com/nexus/#/help for a full list of help resources * Watch Nexus S on our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/googlenexus Once registered, you can contact Samsung directly at +1 855-EZ2NEXUSS (+1 855-392-6398) for support. Sign up to to receive updates and promotions about Nexus S at https://services.google.com/fb/forms/nexussupdates/ Enjoy! The Android Team at Google Google, Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (We sent you this one-time welcome message because you recently purchased a Nexus S phone) [/CODE]
  3. Cant reserve and collect though but definately grabbing one
  4. Mark i am pretty sure that apps made in app inventor cannot be submitted to the market but i stand to be corrected if anything has changed.
  5. sure -done- - next time if you think mod action is needed if you could pm me or click the report button it makes my job easier and the response quicker! Cheers guys Matt
  6. Enjoy it ! ( but don't do anything tooooo stupid ) thanks for all the contributions so far - looks like ill' be dusting off my environment and bringing it upto date tomarow then :)
  7. Tom whats the situ on graphics rendering and stuff JIT enabled? i know there was a issue with hardware graphics (is it sorted?) but IIRC when i did gingerbread asop i pulled and modified some files from nexusone/desire as they use the same chip as us could that be of any use?
  8. @Tom your welcome :-) i hope you didn't mind it was just for user experience/clarity as the 5:30 > is generally the time where downloads and views go crazy as everyone gets home from work here in the uk but having said that a surprising amount of visitors are from different countries nowadays.
  9. Yea you get 10gb of bandwith per file in /public so thats ~68 downloads i have taken the liberty of changing you original download link in post 2 to the mirror as at the moment when they click your old dropbox link it 404's and people therefor can't download it without digging through the thread - no offence taken if you want to take it out/change it in any way OFC
  10. Ok guys here's a direct mirror I've uploaded for you irc dropbox limits free accounts to 10 g of bandwidth a file so please use this link instead http://matty-p.co.cc/uE2agm
  11. +1 huge well done and props on this :) can't weight to use it !! tom be sure to let me know as soon as its uploaded to dropbox so i can replicate it so where not using up your 10g/day bandwidth alawance
  12. i think he is already uploading to drop box so starting a new upload would waste all the time it has spent uploading already as i have said i will mirror it immediately (got a gig-e symmetric connection so will take me seconds)
  13. as above mediafire or multiupload has always worked fine for me for these purposes you obviuosly need to watch out for dropbox allowances esp with the size of the forum!
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