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  1. I am in for b7610 research but limited in time. Count me in for support (in the background). Go Erik !!
  2. I think he is not working on a i920 port, because he does not own such a device, and there are no linux testers with i920 to share info/feedback what is needed to adapt the i8000 port for i920.
  3. you need 2d/3d drivers and b7610 adapted kernel/update file see b7610 tutorial thread
  4. :D)--> QUOTE(lol = :D @ Jun 4 2011, 05:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>This is for the Omnia II GT-i8000 not m-715.... So it really won't work... Sorry m-715 is Korean Omnia so very simular to i8000. m-715 adaptations: binaries and source-patches anyone know more links with (recent) info?
  5. there is a thread dedicated to this, but we lack i920 owners who have linux/computer skills and some time to test experimental builds. This way the small diffs to i8000 can be found and corrected, so basic functions will work (except cdma phone part, that's the next phase). Also suggested to collect donations to buy devs a 2nd hand i920 so they can apdapt/test themselfes, but no reactions so far. i920 can come to android if the i920 community becomes more involved (like b7610 and i8000 community).
  6. no simply way to remap the wakeup key i think, you have to rewrite the keypad driver, but it will have serious side effects. Most phone keypads are hardwired for two interrupts, one for wake key and one for the rest of the keys. For B7610 this key is ENDCALL. If you rewrite the driver and use an other key (thus irq) for wakeup, your sleeping phone will wake up on every keypress and sleeps again when after keymatrix scanning the right wakeup key turns out not to have been pressed. Could be a major batery drain when your phone is in a tight pocket. Not sure how winmo solves this, because wake on b7610 winmo is not the ENDCALL key?
  7. yes, it means froyo beta 2 is not ready yet, and unknown when it will be. the svn source tree is not a release tree. when the source with all the patches compiles and works ok, a release will be made by devteam members (like voyteckst). between release compiles are not usefull at this time, improvements on the sources by other devs are always welcome ...
  8. love your guide, very clear and to the point. but why do you mirror the Kernel-B7610-froyo-REV51.zip alias B7610 support files? please don't mirror this file for the same reasons you don't mirror the Android installation file.
  9. The i8000 also has 256 MB of RAM, the source has regular memory reservation patches by the devs, and on i8000 thread there were some discussions about mem usage and free mem (RAM). So the haret ramsize setting is probably correct for i8000 and b7610, but not sure ...
  10. some testing and finding (and patching) differences with i8000 setup/code.
  11. does SOD also (sometimes) happen when you put the phone to sleep yourself by pressing either HANGUP or STANDBY key? the tight pocket could cause the phone to wake up and turn alseep itself what can cause SOD in some situations. easy workaround to prevent SOD is to put the phone to sleep yourself, but dont know if current unwanted unlock hacks (unlock pattern/android pollicy hack) do prevent the waking up in all situations and thus prevent SOD in the tight pocket condition you mentioned..
  12. Great, some extra help is always welcome, even more because devteam members don't own a i920. Some extra help on testing/building front could speed-up development/tweaking as it did for b7610 My posts on this thread contain most things to get startet. If you want more just mail me on elbee1972 at gmail dot com I can bring you up to speed in (almost) no-time ...
  13. not sure about that. a lot of people install to MyStorage, but unclear if this is really quicker or more stable (mixed reports). i am sure about the recomendation of the dev team to use SD installation (therefore default). don't get me wrong, please experiment with other installs (MyStorage/iso/..) if you like. i run Android from SD, and plan to make some tools for autoinstall/update from/to SD, so i don't need to use MyStorage anymore.
  14. http://code.google.com/p/omnia2droid/issues/detail?id=123
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