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  1. What problems do you have? Mine is just fine, even 50% better.
  2. I dont't know how to instal them, can you please be tell me how. Via CMD again? or?
  3. OOO man that is what i need, i hate adw. Tell me everyting else is ok? Root, Market?
  4. Camera button also not working, anyone know are they working on update?
  5. Battery indicator is not correct, i'm charging all night and it's on 90% Android Team to me Google and Samsung have partnered to bring you Nexus S, a pure Google experience phone. Learn more: * Register your Nexus S for access to premium support from Samsung * Visit our Nexus S Help page for a full list of help resources * Watch Nexus S on our YouTube channel Email hahaha
  6. And someone please tell me can i install adobe flash? And how, i found flash .apk on the internet istall successful but nothing when im on the web?
  7. OK i like it it is very fast, but i hate because there is no home select only ADWLauncher. Is there some way to have the original home selector?
  8. Now you want to download this file: Flashing CyanogenMod.zip and extract it to a folder called 'Android' (without the quotes '') on the C: drive (you'll probably need to make this folder yourself. Where i can find this CyanogenMod.zip to download
  9. Can someone tell me is this working fine, are there any bugs that i should know, or it's working everything perfect.
  10. Can someone give me custom rom, with app2sd, rootet and stuff like that?
  11. joeymk


    Search in market PandaHome, Live Home, Home++
  12. I search at the market no skype for us. THIS IS not official but it's working very good.
  13. If you want skype on you LG GT540 download from here. http://www.filesonic.com/file/23118971 After you download this, download from the android market AppIstaler it's free. Connect your phone to pc, transfer the file (skype) to the sd cart. Disconnect and search the file with some file manager from your phone, select it and it will istall it on your phone. That's it now you have your skype on your LG GT540. I test it it's working very well.
  14. I'm getting that PHONE IS NOT FOUND. I have install all drivers i don't know what is the problem.
  15. I rooted my phone, it was working beautiful but after 2-3 hours of work a turn it of and on. And then the phone didn't read my sim cart it's staying no service. I try to reset the phone but now I'm getting this message The application com.android.LGSetupWizad has stop- FORCE RESTART, but nothing still is the same. Can someone help me !!!
  16. Can someone tell me how to tur off the vibrations from the keyboard, and how to have 3 home screen not 5 or 7
  17. NO it does not, if u use it like it's suppose to do. Turn of life wallpapers, gps or something like that and you don't have problem. I have AT LEAST 3 days battery
  18. I never rooted my phone, can someone please tell me what do i get when i will rood my phone. I know i will be administrator but WHAT CAN I DO
  19. Go try on XP operating system, i tried on win 7 i had so many problems. Maybe the driver is the problem
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