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  1. Do we have to download 2d/3d drivers separately? or is everything contained in the latest installer?
  2. I got a page with a "yes", thats it right??
  3. I have a problem too, after entering all fields (correctly) I'm getting a message that this process cant be completed and redirects me to a 404 message [#404] Sorry, we could not locate the page you are requesting to view. Please click here to return back to the forum's home I'm eager to enter :( Edit: I have cleared modaco cookies (firefox : Tools -> Options -> Privacy tab -> Show Cookies button -> search for "modaco" and delete the cookies) after that i signed in at the competition forum post, clicked the link to the forum, filled the forum, clicked the send entry button i got a blank page http://angel.modaco.com/*********.php with the word "yes" hopefully thats a completed entry :)
  4. Hi Master Chef! Thanks for your great ROMs. A tiny question: what version of GTX do you use (cause the link point to a forum post that says the post is outdated or something)? You'r the best, I cant wait for your next optimization, maybe you can utilize (hack?) the never used windows mobile update feature to make us update to your new roms easily (Is my imagination running away again?). ThanX!
  5. Are the developers ok? i'm worried, no tweets, no TRAC updates/changes. forget the project a little, is everything ok? My best wishes.
  6. @kimitza: I remember i read a post from someone who said he worked at samsung mobile, but forgot the post contents or where i read it (something about Jtag as i'm afraid to brick my phone) and i wish someone from inside (or was) can answer. Also about all capitalism stuff +1 :D. @darkworldzz: Yess, i even saw the documentation that comes with samsung CDMA modem driver, cool stuff! read if you haven't already! @rrr2: stability and durability also comes at a price premium, not defending anyone, but research costs a LOT and companies have to make profit too, along with some more profit (like a nice fruit phone ppl like), so not everyone can afford them, but hey you can stick to a 2 years contract, right? :D Also a bad OS causes all other things mentioned, of course backed by poor samsung support (cmon admit it :) and i wont hear bada for an excuse!). Only if the mobile platform was as open as the desktop platform... we would pick our own OS, download the drivers for the hardware, and "customize to the bones". (dreammmmmmmmmm).
  7. Hi, This is a great forum (XDA too) for many things in particular ROM cooking, and there are many great ppl who made their own tools and shared them with all of us (thank you :D ). The question is: How does samsung itself create ROMs? what tools do they use (if anyone here works there and can tell us something please)?. What exactly do they get from microsoft (Toolkit and core OS files??) when they buy a license? Any insight will be helpful, thanks.
  8. I hope sorg reads this (if not i'll pm :D ) I'm using win 7 32-bit, phone is off, connected and installed "wceusbsh.inf" (the zip folder contains another driver) using "have disk", disconnected phone. After following these steps i launched octans mini (ty for the mod sorg) then i connect phone, but it's not being detected by octans because the driver is malfunctioning (yellow exclamation mark in device manager) which can be solved by disabling the driver then enabling it in device manager while octans is waiting for the device. Why is this happening plz?? i have to disable and enable the MIT drivers each time i connect my phone to flash it. thanks for help.
  9. Can you share the patch you use as a CAB file please? (or just instructions if it's a registry tweak). thanks
  10. After many trials with many custom firmwares, if you want something to put and forget then try the newest official ROMs, i advice using new WM 6.5 as it has the newer .NET framework like the 6.5.x but with less bugs. Official ROMs has everything you "should" need out of the box (hence official) and i'm using JH1 official ROM and it's fast.
  11. Thank you "VERY" much for the explanation, although i still want more info to satisfy my "thirst" :rolleyes: about the COM5 build do you mean "when the OS is released" that when WM 6.5.5 is officially announced? also about COM8, if it's the most stable why there are no roms which kernels are based on 28xxx ?? I wish microsoft would make it more clearer on WM msdn page about versions and version numbering.... Thanks again.
  12. Thanks Gary for the build numbers. What is the meaning of COMx / AKU1 / WMD ?? Presuming 28xxx is the latest, can you make a ROM based on that please? thanks again.
  13. Hi Gary, Very nice ROM, i have been using JH2-23689 lite version, its fast. I'm very confused about build numbers, i have found this link (http://www.mobileunderground.info/showthread.php?t=444) which had latest builds, and a little explanation in the second post, but still left me confused with many questions: Does microsoft maintain all these builds?, What are the COMx builds?, Whats really the latest bug-free faster code build from these builds?, Is the build with the highest numbers better?. If the 28xxx build is the latest would you use it to make a ROM? Please someone show me the light, whats the big picture for Windows Mobile OS builds and versions ??? Also there's no shortcut for samsung clock from start menu, and is the photo program the same as samsung's one? I have some problems playing flash inside latest opera browser. P.S: What savings are introduced just by removing languages other than english from the ROM (a ROM with all samsung's original apps just without extra languages)? Again many thanks for the ROM i'm trying out the JH2 version to satisfy my curiosity, also fast :)
  14. Salamu alaykom, I have tried every arabizer i could find on a wide range of roms (official and customized WM 6.5.3 for Samsung Omnia2 I8000) and it will show arabic but with bugs (Mushaf al madina will display arabic as squares in menues, samsung messaging app will display arabic letters abnormally). The only time everything worked was when i installed aldurazy-TSD-mobidiv 416 on a custom Energy ROM and after that install 2 fixes(downloaded from xda-developers wiki) profided by Energy. But the ROM i used literaly EATS battery even when idle) so this is not a practical solution, but an evidence that arabization works somehow and samsung's messaging application arabic problem can be fixed without switching to the original system's sms app. I'm using JH2 WM 6.5.3 ROM. And i wish to see some definitve solution and i'm willing to take as many formats as i can to get it working, please help. PS: i have used mobidiv 416 and 454 installing tahoma arabic font aldurazy arabic for omnia2 (both full and lite) -- Lite was bugged, Full made some apps wont start. (AR_Mobidiv_OMNIA2_aldurazy-TSD- 24-12-09.cab) (TA_MOBiDIV_416_AR_Eng.cab) So you see i have tried, any help is much appreciated.
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