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  1. چرا که نه؟ بفرما

  2. سلام ارش جان؟

    شما فارسی هم متوجه میشی؟

    چندتا سوال ازت داشتم


  3. You're excellent man! keep on the work!

  4. Hey Hi! For taking screenshots from your screen here is a program named PicMe.it's in attachment.it needs a rooted android. PicMe.zip
  5. tutorials and screenshots (the project is the same as for hd2 in XDA but for omnia 2)
  6. Android screenshots will be here(with customizations visible)... In that test video I say "download the attachment in the second post" . well...instead of attachment here's the link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?cnxyu2mejmtsy1w
  7. ....----////IIAndroid tutorial PostII\\\\----.... First of all : let me ask: do you like video tutorials or text ones? there's a test video tutorial uploaded to mediafire...I'll put it here. Please tell me how's the quality sorry about the texts on the screen...I'm not wealthy enough http://www.mediafire...9akab6c2lg594qo Don't forget feedback!
  8. Hi MoDaCo friends! This topic is dedicated to tutorials and screenshots for android,ubuntu and windows on Samsung Omnia II ... I've opened this according to users' agreement so that you can find tutorials more easily... I hope in this way I can help the porting way a little...so you can discuss and ask for tutorials and see screenshots here BUT you should refer to the proper topics on particular porting projects.please be kind and do this! Here are the main links of the projects' threads: Android on omnia 2(any android version) :http://www.modaco.com/topic/322429-android-on-omnia-ii-i8000-18042011/ Android Froyo on omnia 2(only for Froyo Beta 2!) :http://www.modaco.com/topic/346446-froyo-beta-2-for-omnia-2-updated-20092011/ Ubuntu/windows on omnia 2 :http://www.modaco.com/topic/329580-ubuntu-android-merging/ Please remember: This topic is just to discuss and ask for tutorials and see screenshots!
  9. Taking control again...(Firmly!)

  10. Hi. why are you bothering yourself so much? it's no need to iso or img... just take a look at this address and you'll find what you want: http://www.modaco.com/topic/322429-android-on-omnia-ii-i8000-18042011/ it has Eclair and Froyo Beta.but as the Beta still has some problems I prefer Alpha that you must get from: http://www.modaco.com/topic/338914-froyo-bundle-and-how-to-install-updated/ if you lack the installation files(i guess you do) you can take a look at hte tutorial thread that I think will be put on: http://www.modaco.com/forum/490-i8000-omnia-ii-android-rom-discussion/ Good luck
  11. Hi there friends!! Gooooood news! your froyo (alpha or beta isn't important!) runs smoothly adw-sense and in the exact resolution! sense file is put in the apps thread but if you want will be uploaded again! Neutral news: with some trick we've made black notification bar-version easier to install (without need to partitioning!!) and tutorial will be put on sooon... Here's an image of Froyo 2.2 with black notification bar and sense and good speed(sorry that can't be seen).sorry for bad resolution(it's from my laptop) if you want the file inform us... (@ the devs:if you find post is irrelevant to the topic tell me to delete it...)
  12. Friends! Please Note this: How does it look ?
  13. for now OXIIGEN only runs from internal storage... ANNOUNCEMENT:Hey! I'm not lost buddies.just busy. I'll put some video tutorials in some days-time.please be kind and leave feedback in the tutorial thread(that perhaps will be opened)... very busy but trying to satisfy everyone... ...
  14. 1.ok 2.no prob... i know ... ... (no who wants to port xp? even hd2 doesn't have it ported!) 3.your judgement this time is right the point!!!(yes.I want to help) Anyway ... Thanks ... ...
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