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  1. Hi it want a brand new rom for i8000, fast, eye candy and long battery life. Just something what will wake up our i8000. Cause I am starting be bored with my phone. Android is useless on omnia... too slow and battery drain, some interisting roms are on 4PDA, but they are russian.
  2. Maybe, sometimes android will be faster then WM, but until that, i think there is no reason why make phone slower. But thanks for tries. Good luck.
  3. Hi, I am little lost in android. Can u explain me where how etc. can I make my SD card to work? I have installed android in mystorage. What type of format i need on sd card - FAT32 or ext4?tried both, none works
  4. There are many versions of android for omnia i8000. http://www.linuxsight.com/blog/2982
  5. Hi, is possible to make a version for 2GB Omnia version? I wanna to have it in mystorage, but its only abou 1,5GB free space.
  6. I Want to try it. I did all, but now,I start haret.exe and I see: Android on Omnia II Loading.. Nothing else. What's wrong please?
  7. What about battery life? I tried some of first android on my omnia and it drain battery pretty well, so I asm on WM now. It is better now? Can I use it whole day?
  8. Is possible, that any update will be there? Is possible reupload it form megupload? It dead ..megaupload
  9. I set repeated alarm clock, but it plays only once?! Is any solution for it?
  10. Hi, I have a big problem here. If someone call me only for few sec (misscall me) and than cancel the calling, the phone do NOT recognise the caller and write: unknown Do u have the same problem? I think this is seriousproblem. Can u fix it?
  11. I always get my ringtones to My storage (My device/My storage/ringtone.mp3)
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