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  1. Install RapidBoot on WM http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/330758-RapidBoot-(to-O2Droid)---Updated-to-V1.1 RapidBoot (to O2Droid) - Updated to V1.1
  2. I tryed a lot of app, but none is working. When i use camera in a dark environment, flash works fine...:huh:
  3. Nice work, thanks. I'm not able to find a Working App to use the flash led as a Light. Do you havd any suggestion?
  4. I will try CM6 micro Less Edition (i've been able to download, now i'll try to use Ghost...) , but i can't download Honeycomb version B3 customized version rar., becouse it requires a registration to download the file and for me it is impossible to submit the chinese captcha... Are you able to upload somewere the file you downloaded? (the zip of the image would be great...) Thanks
  5. Using google translate, for that page, http://translate.goo...t.com/blog/2982, i see these versions: 1)Startup files and CHOST11 Download: 2)Samsung I8000 Andrews the smooth cool cmb2 final optimized version 3)Samsung I8000 Andrews the CM6 micro Less Edition (ISO + CHOST) 4)Samsung I8000 Android games (Angry Birds + Fruit Ninja) Download 5)Panmao & 007 optimize the full-featured version: 6)Honeycomb version B3 customized version rar: 7)Honeycomb version B3 official original rar: 8)Well Network Starter Edition: Which is the good one? (Honeycomb? isn't it only for Tablet devices?) Thanks.
  6. Ehm ehm, September arrived :) passed over :unsure: ipaq, let us know if you will keep improving this very good rom kernel. Thanks!
  7. Witch are differences with the previous CM beta 2? (http://www.modaco.co...dated-04052012/) Kernel version? CM version? Any particular fix? At the moment i'm using this ROM and it is very good: http://www.modaco.co...dated-20120528/ (should be kernel Thanks
  8. GPS worked for me with the first Kernel patch (2.0 and 3.0), but with 4.0 i never got a fix. Looking at my gps.conf, i see it is exactly the copy of CM2, but it differs from yours, becouse the original is: SUPL_PORT=7275 SUPL_SECURE_PORT=7275 ENABLE_WIPER=1 DEFAULT_AGPS_ENABLE=TRUE QOS_ACCURACY=50 QOS_TIME_OUT_STANDALONE=60 QOS_TIME_OUT_agps=89 QosHorizontalThreshold=1000 QosVerticalThreshold=500 AssistMethodType=1 AgpsUse=1 AgpsMtConf=0 AgpsMtResponseType=1 AgpsServerType=1 AgpsServerIp=3232235555 CURRENT_CARRIER=common DEFAULT_USER_PLANE=TRUE REPORT_POSITION_USE_SUPL_REFLOC=1 Where did you get your gps.conf?
  9. You find the solution (set prop was last line in miy init.rc, my mistake). I saw you already modified main post, specifying setprop position. Happy re-boot to everyone :-)
  10. I used a .sh file to test the 4 situation ;-) I executed exactly your instruction and the result is: Cannot open `': No such file or directory Nothing has been loaded! Ready for further testing :-)
  11. Assuming that, in terminal, quotes are obtained in these way: ' typing [?123 then c] " typing [?123 then x] ` typing [?123 then ALT then 2] I tryed: 1)kexec --command-line=''cat /proc/cmdline'' -l ''getprop haret.kernel'' kexec --command-line=[?123 then c][?123 then c]cat /proc/cmdline[?123 then c][?123 then c] -l [?123 then c][?123 then c]getprop haret.kernel[?123 then c][?123 then c] Result: It seems to work, no error on terminal. But when i use the successive commands synk[enter] kexec -e[enter], system hangs (I need to remove battery) 2)kexec --command-line="cat /proc/cmdline" -l "getprop haret.kernel" kexec --command-line=[?123 then x]cat /proc/cmdline[?123 then x] -l [?123 then x]getprop haret.kernel[?123 then x] Result: Cannot open `getprop haret.kernel': No such file or directory 3)kexec --command-line="`cat /proc/cmdline`" -l "`getprop haret.kernel`" kexec --command-line=[?123 then x][?123 then ALT then 2]cat /proc/cmdline[?123 then ALT then 2][?123 then x] -l [?123 then x][?123 then ALT then 2]getprop haret.kernel[?123 then ALT then 2][?123 then x] Result: Cannot open `': No such file or directory 4)kexec --command-line=''`cat /proc/cmdline`'' -l ''`getprop haret.kernel`'' kexec --command-line=[?123 then c][?123 then c][?123 then ALT then 2]cat /proc/cmdline[?123 then ALT then 2][?123 then c][?123 then c] -l [?123 then c][?123 then c][?123 then ALT then 2]getprop haret.kernel[?123 then ALT then 2][?123 then c][?123 then c] Result: Cannot open `root=/dev/mmcblk1p2': No such file or directory (root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 is the partition written into my startup.txt) Thanks.
  12. Kexec reboot is not working for me, too. I executed "chown" and "chmod" using ubuntu. Now, from terminal (with "su"), typing kexec --command-line="`cat /proc/cmdline`" -l "`getprop haret.kernel`" it says: getprop haret.kernel no such file or directory [Thanks for your work] I'm using v 4.0 with 160mb: everything work fine (WiFi, Phone signal), the system is smooth and i'm not experiencing crashes: i was used to see regular "Tasker" (the application) crash and some "auto-reboot", Titanium scheduled backup was not working (you wrote you solved, and it is!), so now is everithing ok.
  13. Search in this topic the error, there is an ipaq answer to your question (that says "ignore the error").
  14. Do we have to execute this script each time the OS i booted? Or it has to be executed only once...? (i suppose that it has to be executed on each reboot...) Thanks.
  15. Does it means you are going to release a new kernel today/tomorrow? i usually reboot many times, so i like it :) Anyway, thanks for continuing to upgrade Omnia2droid!
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