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  1. TombossFR

    [ROM] [DEV's] [CM9] Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 to our Liquid

    Very good news. :) Great ! B) Thank you to all developers which continue to work on the Acer Liquid.
  2. TombossFR

    4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1 - New firmware for Liquid E

    Hello, This Froyo rom was released by Acer in November 2010 ;) , but, I don't know why the date on Acer Global website is July 2011. Probably a mistake ?
  3. TombossFR

    [ROM] CM7 Liquid (kang) 1.2.18 -CM7RC1-

    Thank a lot for this very good rom, all is perfect. I have no issues (all sensors are working, without sanity) except the camcorder is broken ( when I try to record a video, the screen became fully white). This rom is very fast and light ( 80mb free in system memory after the first flash ). :unsure:
  4. Hello, I come from LCR 1.7.3 (Stream port with dolby mobile), I have update my phone yesterday with the version 3.10 and latest leaked bin. This new rom is awesome; very fast and stable. Is it possible to add Dolby Mobile function like the Acer Stream ? Because with this feature the sound is better than the DSP Manager (for my ears :D ). Thanks a lot for your job on this rom.
  5. TombossFR

    REAL/FULL Kernel source for Liquid Metal (S120)

    That's true, but nobody have post the full kernel source. So, this will be usefull for developpers. :)
  6. The full kernel source for Acer Liquid Metal (S120) is now available. :) Mirrors: - RapidShare - MegaUpload - DesposIt Files - HotFile - ZShare - Uploading
  7. Hello, My operator "Orange France" have send me an Xperia X10 with Android 2.1, strange, but it's real. :huh: Someone can explain me how to dump this rom (and extract my personnal data, for a clean ROM) ? If i can dump i will share this rom (unreleased, very strange too) for the community. Thanks in advance. PS: Sorry for my bad english.

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