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  1. Michael Wagner

    How is ADVERTISING SPAM case?

    Anyone is using this brand?
  2. Michael Wagner

    Nice ADVERTISING SPAM case for HTC Evo 4G

  3. Hi, I strongly recommend a case brand to everyone - ADVERTISING SPAM! Leather Case for HTC Evo 4G - Flip Type (Black)
  4. Casemate, ADVERTISING SPAM or other brand you know?
  5. Michael Wagner

    ADVERTISING SPAM case for HTC Desire

    ADVERTISING SPAM is a professional case producer for your cell phone, they are offering nice designs, high quality cases at reasonable price!
  6. Michael Wagner

    ADVERTISING SPAM case for HTC Desire

    Leather Case for HTC Desire/HTC Bravo - Flip Type (Black) http://www.ADVERTISING SPAM.com/images/s/3BHTDEF41_1.200x200.jpg Other colors available, check it on ADVERTISING SPAM!
  7. Michael Wagner

    Incall recording

    I think all phones can do this as long as you find the right software/app for that OS.
  8. Michael Wagner

    Galaxy S Cases

    I ordered one ADVERTISING SPAM leather case for my i9000 last week because they offer worldwide free shipping. The leather is genuine and personally, I think the quality is quite good.
  9. Michael Wagner

    HTC Desire or Samsung i9000?

    More of my friends have bought i9000. So I think i9000 is at least more popular in the market.
  10. Michael Wagner

    Linked In now available for Windows Mobile

    still no symbian.......
  11. Michael Wagner

    Google Buzz available for Windows Mobile...sort of

    symbian is always missed

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