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  1. Its OK - found it :P said I was a noobie :)
  2. Managed to have a play with the new handset and finally things appear to be working i.e. I've actually managed to download a few apps from the Market :) Just a minor niggle is that the new handset doesn't appear to be as responsive/accurate as the last one. For example clicking over the onscreen keyboard "s" will sometimes give "a"; "d" will sometimes give "s" - just some areas seem to be off-position. But hey, can't have everything I suppose. Btw just another thanks to Danh2122 for the confidence boost :P
  3. Thanks for the response. :P Just bak from T-Mobile shop who were a little more helpful, even if the problem still didn't get resolved. They suggested taking it back to Argos and asking for a replacement handset as they had seen something similar before (albeit a different type of handset) and the only solution was an exchange. Done that and charging up new battery. Will post outcome later when I get another chance to have a play. As for modding, that will come at a later date :) just want to get the thing working as it is (or should I say meant to). Wouldn't want to brick a new b'day present from the wife.
  4. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and android in general. After reading a few posts I decided to go for a new Pulse mini (didn't want to spend a fortune, ticked the right boxes for what I want out of such a phone). Atually bought one from Argos (they're giving away £50 of freebies - not sure how good they are but "owts better than nowt"). OK, some of the top features T-Mobile quote, as most will know are "6 months free internet, worth £20" and "Download thousands of free apps from Android™ market". First, the free internet access: started my phone and after setting up a new google account, received a message on how to get the free access. Followed the instructions only to be told by return message "Sorry, you are not eligible for this reward" even though the original text stated this was on offer until 31st January 2011. Secondly, I have managed to connect my phone via wi-fi and can browse quite happily. However when I try to download any apps from the Market I just get the dreaded "Starting download....". After searching MoDaCo I found a few references to clearing the market cache/googlemail account issues/factory reset etc. so I followed the various instructions without success. After wasting my Saturday evening trying to get this to work I decided to give customer services a try this morning. After 10 minutes of menus I finally got to talk to a real person (but only when I agreed upon the 25p call charge, that is). Boy what an experience. Regarding the free internet, I was informed this was no longer available (even though I told them my text informed me this was a valid option until January). When I mention the Market issue, they quickly respond "that's because you don't have an internet booster"). "But I'm connected by wi-fi and can see the Market contents, and browse etc.", I reply. Their response: put me on hold to verify (verify what, who knows). After a couple of minutes, they come back and tell me that they have set up my free 6 months so I need to unplug the battery and remove the Sim while the phone is still ON, then after a few seconds power back on. As for the wi-fi, to my amazement, they tell me T-Mobile don't currently support wi-fi. Does this mean the "free apps" aren't really free - must be since they are expecting me to use a paid-for access to get them. Wonder what Ofcom would think of this? Anyway, after confirming with them "do this while the phone is still on" I hung up and tried their advice. Guess what - it didn't work. I did eventually get a text saying that I now had free 6 months internet, but the Market downloads are still stalling. Off to my nearest T-Mobile shop now to see if the monkeys there can help. In the meantime if anyone has any advice, I'd much appreciate it.
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