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  1. The youtube app in the latest version is great and buffers well too, but the video while playing skips every second of smooth playing on 3 to 4secs. Any solution? Basically i wanted to say is the video doesnt play smoothly it skips . :lol: Thanks
  2. Wow very fast updates thank for ur share, but i cannot find file manager in ur rom, i cant send files via blutooth, can anybody help? Thanks
  3. flashing right now will report once done :lol: Thanks for ur share efsane
  4. Will be trying this rom, cananybody tell me if this rom as samsung widgetsplus? Thanks
  5. Hello, can i install samsung widgets plus on ur new jh2 rom? Thanks
  6. download youtube videos on mobile itself or download on pc n copy it to storage? Thanks for info
  7. Hello, i have samsung omnia 2 gsm, wanted a youtube application that can buffer the full video rather that buffering in between for a HQ video, iam current using the youtube .cab from this link http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...abs-repository/ The video quality is great but it keeps buffering in between :P, is there a way (or a youtube app ) to let the video buffer completely and then watch video fully? I am on 2mbps line. Thanks
  8. Hello, guys i have a omnia 2 with singapore 6.5 wm version , iam unable to install this menu mod , i coped in my main storage and also in windows start menu folder when i tap on the mainmenu.exe, nothing happns it returns back to main menu, can any 1 help? Thanks
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