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  1. hey trip, dun give up, ignore those badass people complaining about ur rom ur rom is great and loved it... hoping to receive more updated from u soon keep up with the great great work.....
  2. hey Trip, would like to ask one question, i found an update for the superuser app in the Market, if i update the app, will it affect in ur rom? thanks
  3. thanks for the reply, one additional issue i found in the s0075, the screen is not as sensitive as its used to be....... i dont know whats the problem......i didnt use any apps which affects the touch or display etc...... when typing onto the keyboard, i made a number of typos...... any suggestion/conclusion? thx for ur attention
  4. hey trip, ur miui roms are superb.....thanks so much for ur work got one thing to ask on ur first thread, u have a new JFT update which should have the no service problem fixed i am not from the US, i dun have the no service problem here and my sensation is sim free (non tmob)......if i update to the JFT update, will it affect my phone from the no service problem?
  5. super work on the rom, currently no FCs atm....... completed super wipe and other wiping options found in the recovery........ after restoring SMS using sms backup and restore app i encounter this every time i reboot FYI
  6. duh i know, i have done everything before flashing the latest miui rom... like im not stupid or anything, i had been flashing roms since G1 came out, im sure i am more experienced than you the comments were not for you, if u want to find out the problems, flash the rom urself and post them... lagging is lagging...there is not specific answer for it.... crashes are crashes....getting FCs....... there......happy? btw, i am not making negative comments about the rom nor the dev, it is just a comment for the dev to improve the rom for the next update....
  7. updated to the latest miui rom, very laggy, crashes a lot of times......after restoring sms back up, the messaging app went nuts......every time i reboot, it will say i have 2xxx number of unread messages......
  8. the case doesnt really match up with the Streak :S
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