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  1. 1. type: *#1546792*# 2. choose "Internal" 3. Type as pwd: *#0807# 4. choose WiFi MAC address 5. type pwd: 1234 6. Set MacAdress (recommended mac address of the phone) 7. Execute 8. reset
  2. 1. type: *#1546792*# 2. choose "Internal" 3. Type as pwd: *#0807# 4. choose WiFi MAC address 5. type pwd: 1234 6. Set MacAdress 7. Execute 8. reset
  3. I can root access. :lol: 1. Download ADB-Driver.rar, SuperOneClickv2.3.1.zip and unzip. link: http://www.mediafire.com/?nfbulasess5imr5,qb9k4cv2kyu8x3r 2. install SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones (in folder ADB_Driver.rar) 3. Connect B7610(run android) with usb cable 4. in folder SuperOneClick, run SuperOneClick, click button "Root" and watting. finished, restart b7610. (affter root, I can send message, update superuser, access sdcard if connect b7610(android) with pc, ... )
  4. message service center number Vinaphone(Vietnam): +8491020005. I can't view message center number. I can receiver the message but can't send.
  5. attachment logcat.zip. I can't send message. I try view mesage center with code *#*#4636#*#*. but can't view and change message center.( update error) logcat.zip
  6. I try check and upgrade binaries in superuser option. But fail. Log update: download new binary ... okey! checking md5sum...okey! gaining root access...fail!
  7. old version, folder /data/data containing the application data(I can edit access to program data). via terminal emulator, su root but error: permission denied
  8. phone not root, because I try to folder /data/data but cannot access(used Terminal Emulator) and empty(used root explorer)
  9. I'm run Ok. but - total ram: 121 MB; free: 41M; - cannot send message(rẹceiver ok). - time not update - incomming call: screen does not light and very slow file startup.txt: Set kernel zImage Set ramsize 180*1024*1024 Set mtype 1626 Set ramaddr 0x50000000 Set kernelcrc 1 Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 init=/init console=ttySAC2,115200 vmalloc=256M" setbitp 0x7F008808 5 1 pfw 0x7f005800 4 0x3 pfw 0x7f005804 4 0x805 pfw 0x7f005808 4 0x7 pfw 0x7f00580c 4 0x0 pfw 0x7f005828 4 0x11 pfw 0x7f00582c 4 0x80 boot
  10. --> I'm running androidinstall.exe in folder o2beta. after reboot, I can not find file default.txt or startup.txt in my storage.
  11. Thanks! I try install an success create partition android. but I run haret.exe error "cannot find default.txt". - I try copy startup.txt to my storage and rename default.txt but error "Failed to load file \my storage\sd.cpio.gz" - I try copy file sd.cpio.gz from folder o2beta to my storage and run haret.exe. phone booting linux and show screen "Android on Omnia II loading..", after phone reboot. I can not boot to android Can you help me!!!
  12. I used automatic install: 1. Copy o2beta folder from installer-package from developers-site to my storage. Copy haret.exe from installer-package to root of my storage. 2. copy ext4.tar.gz and zImage from this download to the root of your my storage. 3. format SD card by phone 4. run install from o2beta folder But affter run and reboot, SD card can not create partition ext. can you hep me?
  13. 1. type: *#1546792*# 2. choose "Internal" 3. Type as pwd: *#0807# 4. choose WiFi MAC address 5. type pwd: 1234 6. Set MacAdress 7. Execute 8. reset
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