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  1. Cool case ....a nice case for my lg optimus 2x. It's a orginal case from hand-made by melkco. I like the slim one and screen protection. Thx
  2. Nice case to Desire S! :D :D Design by Melkco!
  3. I like this hand-made genuine leather case from melkco. Melkco Jacka Type case for Samsung Galaxy S II i9100. http://www.ADVERTING SPAM.com/scripts/main/vi...KOELC-9100.html NICE!
  4. Hope to share this case for Tab user. A new melkco case for Samsung Galaxy Tab. Melkco deluxe leather case for Samsung Galaxy Tab. :)
  5. Melkco's Galaxy S real leather case, I must suggest melkco' s Jacka Type for Galaxy S i9000. It's really slim and secial desgin for business man. If you like the real leather case and creactive design, I think it can fulfill your request. Before I think the leather case is big and heavy. But, when I use this cases, i found the case is very good quality and just fit to my device. I may change the device soon. But during this period, I can use the devide easily without bulky feeling.
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