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  1. when is this coming out? is this being left out or something? its taking too long and i cant wait :mellow:
  2. i mean: the samsung skinned threaded sms also the softkey X button doesn't close programs.. i have enabled my X button to close but it's not working.. i'm using the megalite.. btw great rom! fast and stable!
  3. ohh okay i see..thanks for helping me all the time!
  4. hello everyone, i'm using daskalos 23144 megalite rom with EZ INPUT, it's pre installed with fresh flash of the rom, my problem is the T9 option of my EZ INPUT got messed up, everytime i use it, instead of providing LETTERS when i type, it gives out NUMBERS instead, the qwerty option is working fine, but i like to type in T9 option when it comes to texting.. i did this reg edit Go to: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\layouts\e0010409 Edit: Ime File from \Windows\XT9ime.dll to \Windows\compime.dll Edit: Layout Text from Samsung Keypad to COMP IME (i can't remember if the original value is Samsung Keypad or not) i tried reverting it back but the EZ INPUT T9 still gives out numbers instead of letters, i'm talking about T9 in ABC not in 123 mode.. please help me out, i really like the EZ INPUT T9 option.. THANKS IN ADVANCE :)
  5. i'm facing another problem :) when i clicked the Contacts at the bottom (where the start menu logo is located) it says "Shortcut Target : Error opening the shortcut or locating the target filename"
  7. Hello! thanks! you're so helpful! i'm trying it right now.. will report later.. quick question: what does JC2, IL2 means in the CABS COLLECTION THREAD? my device version: PDA: B7610DDJE2 CSC: B7610NXTCIL3 PHONE: B7610XXIK1 i downloaded the samsung photo album at the collection thread which is JC2 and it worked.. (just curious) :)
  8. HELLO EVERYONE, I am using daskalos build 23144 megalite and i'm facing some problems, i've installed the cabs provided in the zipped file, 1) but i can't seem to ADD RECIPIENT in the sms app(i installed the sms-mms cab, 2) everytime i start the INTERNET EXPLORER it says "internet explorer cannot download blank" there are options like RETRY,CANCEL and CHECK where as if i choose retry it will ask again but either cancel or check will let me browse using the internet explorer (it's working, yes,but everytime i start IE it will say again that internet explorer cannot download blank) 3) also i would love to have the default winmo messaging app, like the other option in the OMNIA 2 MESSAGING MANAGER in daskalos' full rom.. i hope someone could help me.. thanks and God bless..
  9. hello everyone, i'm using a megalite rom and i don't like the messaging app because when i add recipient, i need to really browse their name instead of just TYPING it.. when i used the full rom, there is an app which is Omnia 2 Messaging Manager, and I always change the messaging to the other one, i forgot the name.. it's the simple one (i guess) thanks in advance..
  10. hello everyone.. if you know a very nice and good looking threaded sms application which is fast and smooth, please provide a link.. thanks in advance :)
  11. was the sms threaded message removed? i don't have mine..
  12. hello i disabled the start menu and tried the xtask, i found the settings and the xhook replace, i clicked the startmenu and put wifi on it for test.. and then i pressed ok.. but when i tried to press the start menu, my phone freezed for about 5-7seconds.. i want to remap the start menu to the samsung menu.. can i do that?
  13. how can i disable the start menu? and how do i remap the key to spb menu?
  14. hello everyone, I just want to know what is the best UI to be used in a megalite? i'm using a daskalos 23144 megalite.. and the start button is at the bottom part, i'm used to using SPB Mobile shell.. i want to try other UI.. and i don't know which one is the best.. here are what i need: 1) GOOD UI (eye-candy) 2) not memory hungry like sense my current UI is the Windows Default one, I tried installing SPB Mobile shell but since the start button is at the bottom, i can't click it since the SPB mobile shell that i have is for the 6.5.3 version which is the start button is located at the upper left corner of the screen.. and also, i want these UI/THEME http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...a-rc-6-5-3-6-5/ but i don't know if it is fast or does the memory leaks fast or not? and also if do i need a sense in that coz it looks like htc sense.. sorry for being a bother.. thanks in advance :) LONG LIVE B7610!
  15. THANKS! you're the best! salamat kaSPAMyan!
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