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  1. I use S2P, but I don't think it would be a problem to switch to a different music player. Bluetooth headsets are kinda expensive, looking for something up to 40$ maybe. Also I'm looking for headphones (the ones that plug in to your ears :) ), I do have them, but then I would need somewhere to plug it in, probably more expensive. What do you think about this device? http://cgi.ebay.com/Stereo-Headsfree-A2DP-...3#ht_2331wt_905 Can't figure out what that big black thing is... Oh, that is a charger ;) (USB) Quite interesting, seems like it supports the needed profile and S2P also supports the profile, all need to know now is about its quality, doubt that it will be able to send even from my pocket. But where is the pause button?! Also I need to have maximum power output, don't think it will be able to do that.
  2. Hi! I have Samsung B7610. It is really hard to change songs with this phone, I used to have a PSP and it had nice buttons to change songs. Does B7610 have a supported device that would allow me to change songs, change volume, play/pause and maybe something more without pulling out my phone? Maybe a bluetooth device or maybe a headset in the USB port?
  3. Hi! I have Samsung B7610 and today encountered a problem with the original office mobile. It doesn't change from original ROM, but I did install some custom ROM (looks a lot like original), also I think it is office mobile 2007, but not sure). I did download office mobile 2010, but I don't think it actually did install right (I installed to My Storage). So the problem is that I can't read Microsoft Equation writings (the ones with square roots, exponents etc.), I personally use MathType 6.0, but PC Office 2003 and newer reads it fine. On my phone showed it all as a missing picture. My friend has also Samsung with some kind of office, but it isn't WM based (kinda old phone), but he could read the writings (had few problems, but were ok). So is there a better office for my phone or maybe a fix for current office? Also I don't know how to use Samsung's photo app, how can I zoom the picture and move around the zoomed picture?
  4. Hi! I just installed a Custom ROM on my B7610, used Daskalos newest (I think) build and the Full package. Finally I fixed the call lag problem I had, but there seem to be some applications that I don't need, even the few that came with the package like: new Settings, Omnia 2 messaging, PIM Backup, Omarket and standard applications like RSS Reader, Messenger, MSN Weather, Google maps and other. So is there a way to free up some space? I clearly can delete the shortcut, but I'm looking for a way to save RAM and storage space. I did try also Megalite, it did have some unneeded applications but they were a lot less. There were few reasons why I went to full - missed samsung's theme, camera didn't work (first no icon, then after installing app some error) and didn't like included settings menu (couldn't change ring type).
  5. I tried the original charger, that works, but it's just that I have a lot of NOKIA chargers elsewhere. Both SAMSUNG and NOKIA have 3.7V batteries, but it could be that chargers have different voltages. A solution to this problem would be to add a small circuit of a capacitor and a voltage regulator, but if it really is the problem, then I don't think I should do it, maybe later, after OmniaPro will start to bore me :P Will check voltages later. [EDIT] Very weird, the first thing is that NOKIA uses 6 or 6.8 volts to charge, but SAMSUNG uses 4.7V to charge, at the end I was able to charge from anything.
  6. Hi! I have a Samsung B7610 and today I encountered a weird problem with charging. The battery doesn't hold too good, if I call a few times a day and play a game on it then the phone's battery is almost dead at the end of the second day, maybe the battery is faulty, someone maybe could confirm that, but the real problem is different. Using a NOKIA charger (the fat round one) and using adapters (from the fat one to the thin one, then from the thin one to micro-usb) I tried to charge my phone and it didn't charge. I tried to use another NOKIA charger (the thin one) and then to the a adapter (from the thin one to micro-usb) and also didn't charge. Then I tried (hopelessly) a NOKIA car charger with the same adapters and nothing... So the problem should have been in adapters, but wasn't, because I tried to charge NOKIA with micro-usb slot and it did charge. Can anyone confirm that samsung requires (or NOKIA requires) special charging cycles? And maybe a solution to this problem? :P
  7. Oh, now using S2U2, sometimes the old lockscreen does pop up, but that is when I press Unlock multiple times, so no big deal. I assume that like all custom firmwares for many devices they add support for some applications and uses 3rd party drivers (which are usually unstable). I do not use all those applications on my WM, so good way to avoid the lag that comes from answering a call will be to install a custom ROM, but I'm aware about bricking the device, currently will stick to official ROM. Thanks for the help! :P
  8. Hi! I just got Samsung GT-B7610, it's kinda cool phone, sometimes a bit laggy, but it's ok for now. What I really don't like about this phone is that it keeps unlocking while in my pocket. At first I didn't understand how is it even possible, because it is hard to unlock the phone by accident using the drag button on screen. But it turns out that if I press and hold the unlock button (the on on the right side), the phone unlocks! Is there a way to remove this feature? Also, I first saw a thing called "Custom ROM"... Is there a good reason why would I need it? [EDIT] I found a solution! By searching I found that someone had a problem using SSkin Yellowman lockscreen, more specifically, problem unlocking the phone with Unlock button (holding). That lockscreen did the trick, but soon I found that any lockscreen does the trick. Tried to open the .CPR, but didn't find a timeout option. So I simply downloaded the 6.1 WM lockscreen, sadly I don't like the "tap" system instead the "slide" system, but will do for now. If you have a better solution, please tell me! Oh and S2U2 didn't remove the old lockscreen, so I didn't like it.
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