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  1. @ [email protected] : The sissue with the text box was in Opera, I just find the stock one slow and clunky (tabs being a pain in the ar$e. As for texting and emailing? It;s fantastic, trust me the screen is huge but ina good way, just try it out that's the only way to sell it to you! Gaming is good, well my 3 yr old seems to love it, esp Raging Thunder 2 lol Got the brodit car mount too, had one for my Desire...Navigation is great. Guess why? THE SCREEN MAN THE SCREEN!!!! Did I mention I like my Note?
  2. Had my Note for 3 weeks. Amazing device. My bro-in-;aw got one a few months back...and i pssd my sides when I saw it. Then I actually tried it out. What a screen! And v responsive (that's stock). I don't mind the Touchwiz interface, prob use it for a little while before putting on a launcher. I have tiny hands, the Note is the size of my palm yet I became completley used to it after 2 days of use. Now when I use the wife's iPhone4 it just seems so tiny and the screen on that...spit. 2 friends bought their Notes on the same day, both v happy. The only negative for me is the stock browser and then the Opera browser is a bit flaky for me, in fact it didn't even render this page properly, the comment box just wouldn't activate. Also had to put it into desktop mode but even then find it a little lacking but still a big improvement on stock. Any browser recommendations? The S Pen is used for the app it was obviously made for....DRAW SOMETHING! lol. Apart from that I'm not a great user myself but others are. I haven't had any funny looks when using it as a phone but then again I'm not really into the whole image thing so maybe I'm just oblivious to it. All comments so far start of with 'LOOK AT THAT! Is it a phone or tablet?!...and turn into...wow that's really nice! Installing SwiftKey after swapping from the Desire made me chuckle, it wanted me to d/l the tablet version lol All in all great purchase. I think the S3 at 4.8 is only marginally smaller so it's not really that big as to how it was perceived when compared to 3.7" and 4" phones that were the main phones when it was first launched.
  3. @PaulOBrien That looks like a range to provide valid upgrade options this year. Had been thinking it was Samsung only. Very large screen on the X though, might have to be the S for me. But that leaves me with 16GB max. Gah.
  4. Bit of an abandoned forum these days mate, Desire being a bit 'old hat' and all. XDA Dev is where it's still alive and kicking. There is a lot of info but to be fair you should still be able to find what you need, if you don't have patience, don't bother getting into this, leave your phone as it is. However, I can help point you to the right tools: First : go here: http://unrevoked.com/recovery/ and d/l the required exe Before you run it, make sure you have a) downloaded and installed HTC Sync THEN Uninstall it but leave on the USB driver Run the unrevoked exe with the phone plugged in and with USB debugging selected (via settings - Development blah blah you'll find it) If it doesn't detect your phone, install these drivers (providing you are Windows based) http://unrevoked.com..._driver_install That should work fine. Don't bother trying the S-Off option it doesn't work for GSM phons (unless someone can advise this has changed) Your phone is now rooted. Oh did I mention S-Off above? Lol. Mate start with the root then move on to the next step. You can start flashing ROMS once rooted, S-Off gives more capabilities but I'd advise you get some experience of the mod world first. Hope that helps. Also here's the XDA Dev link: http://forum.xda-dev...splay.php?f=594 and a link to a post of all steps above prob explained better: http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=696189
  5. If that's true, i hope that's acid spilling on to it :-p Really, really wanted a RAZR but not much customisation killed that for me. There was a time when I would hae said 'locked what..?' then I discovered MoDaCo in Summer 2010. Damn you! :-)
  6. Used to be TweetDeck, fantastic app then Twitter bought it. Deck.ly was shot and FB integration stopped. In came TweakDeck, just missing that deck.ly but otherwise that's my app of choice. Hootsuite is not far behind but just not laid out as simply as TweakDeck.
  7. Would love one of these for my 3 yr old - I've had to resort to telling him the phone doesn't play games anymore and feel bad lol - You're rgiht though, they know how to use them so it makes sense for this type of durable device to come out.
  8. What's the error? If it's signature related, toggle sig ver on/off The ROM is fine there's somethign else going on...
  9. Just d/l the latest htc sync, uninstall the s/w, but leave the usb drivers then run Unrevoked... You might not want to go down the road of Custom ROMs if you're struggling there tbh...it's not for everyone. I'll give you 20 for it :-p
  10. rather than launch via ROM Man how about loading the relevant CWM .img file via fastboot?
  11. Providing it's a custom ROM using A2SD+ and it supports Ext4, yeah! Take note, if you use a ROM like MIUI you have to enable A2SD+ by running the command: get terminal from market - Type su - Type a2sd zipalign - Type a2sd cachesd Otherwise, other A2SD+ ROM's will just pick up that you have the partition. Just make sure it's an EXT4 compatible ROM
  12. Well at the moment the Sensation still has a locked bootloader and HTC haven't confirmed if their unlocked bootloader policy is going to be implemented on the currently locked models i.e. Sensation and Desire S. So if you are looking at getting right now and to be able to root + ROM, it would have to be the Samsung Galaxy S2, which has a fully unlocked bootloader as standard , ripe for rooting and roms. Then again, a whole lot can happen in 2 months, if the Sensation is then unlocked by HTC, for me it's a no brainer due to my current Desire experience, I'm firmly in the HTC court come my upgrade next year. An outsider is the Motorola Atrix, which from what I've read is not only locked but a Motorola :-p I don't get why they're so huge in the US, that one passed me right by.
  13. Hi, What's your device show up as in Device Manager? You might want to load the fastboot drivers from the unrevoked site even though they are 'older' than the htc sync ones.
  14. To be honest, nope.. A cursory glance at most because A) I really don't know what can be done by those wanting to be mischievous with Android. :P The information provided doesn't really mean much to me and will mean even less so to those not very tech literate. I also think a lot of the maybe votes are no users in denial :-p OK I hope that's the case for me lol!
  15. Always been the case with a2sd, once you install a large number of apps the internal eventually gets 'eaten' by the app cache which still lives on internal. Give d2sd or data2whatever a go. Check out XDA, lots of ROMS using it there now although I think someone has used it with MCR too (maybe hongkongtom I think). I'm using Alex-V 2.2 since this weekend with d2whatever, 646MB free internal. With a2sd+ I had 54MB free. Performance so far exactly the same, tried 1 day with standard kernel (oc to 1113) now using coutts (OC to 1190) CFS kernel. All good.
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