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  1. No worries! Glad I could help :P Phone's arent really my forte but ive been flashing routers/laptops/mainboards for years in the jobs ive worked in. So ive seen similar problems in the past when certain software versions are overlooked by the patch programmers. To make life easier for everyone, I've uploaded both the pkg files onto my FTP into a zip folder. Saves getting each file from different locations! here is the link - Right click - Save As :) Anyone wishing to MD5 the contents, feel free :(
  2. I thought i'd give the people having this problem a fix. My gf brought her phone to me after running the update and getting stuck on the Dell logo. Just to be on the safe side, we left the phone there for 2hours just to make sure it wasn't going to fix itself. Unfortunately the phone was pretty much bricked, no use at all. It appears that a specific version of the 1.6 firmware and software version locks up after upgrading to 2.1. To get around this, you need to flash to the stock O2 version of 1.6 then run the upgrade to 2.1. I was fortunate to come across another users post on the modaco forums that have the links to the original pkg for 1.6 O2 phones. Stock 1.6 PKG - http://loadbalancing.modaco.com/download.p...mf/?kmwolzykyet Download the above file, copy this to your SDcard (you will need to use a micro sd reader or potentially another phone that uses micro sd to copy the file on. Download the pkg file above and copy it to your microSD card named 'update.pkg'. Place the SD card in the phone. Hold down both volume buttons on the phone and select the power button You will be presented with 4 options, Select update firmware from pkg Allow the process to fully complete The phone will reboot (takes about 5-10mins to fully complete and you should see O2 bubble logo) Once rebooted and your phone is now usable, you can now either update directly through the prompt you get from Dell/O2 procedure to use. -http://www.o2.co.uk/dellStreakupdate However, you can run the update manually. The file can be downloaded from http://mobileupdate.dell.com/latestbuild/LatestBuild_21.html Download this, copy to the MicroSD card and rename to update.pkg Run the update the same as previously. Boom a working 2.1 O2 phone Cheers all. On a side note I have the files uploaded to my FTP if any of the links stop functioning let me know. Im aware this is my first post and the phone isnt even mine, I thought i'd save the grief of fixing this for other dell streak users. Makes me want to stick to my LG540 even more :P I didn't proof read what I put, so if anything isnt clear please post and let me know.
  3. please see topic - http://android.modaco.com/content/dell-str...update-o2-only/
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