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  1. ROM installed and working fine at first glance. Thanks!
  2. Good I came across your post, as I'm facing the same issue since 24h. I also installed the latest Clockwork, but reverted to after reading this. Right now downloading Frankdroid's. I hope it'll work, as the phone is still not booting past the Android logo at that stage... By the way mine is a TFT EDIT: Fantastic, ZTE back to life in full swings!
  3. True, they don't do deliveries. I got mnine this morning as ok.- Mobile was launched today here in Switzerland. By the feel, I'd say it is a TFT screen. I don't actually know where I can get a confirmation about this. Price was 100 francs + 10 for a compulsory SIM card with some amount on it (that's the same in US $)
  4. Thanks for the app! Now I wonder how to find out which apps should / shouldn't be used with 3.5.
  5. Thanks for the tip. Got the same issue here. Is there something that 1.3 doesn't have compared with 1.4?
  6. Hi there, So have you received a reply from Pof? I'm curious to hear about his version. The question whether unlocking is legal was answered as "yes in the UK". Now, being outside the UK, I assume the online method is available to me as well. The kaiser is proposed here 20% cheaper by Orange than everywhere else. Why? Because it got an unlimited simlock (no way to get it unlocked, even after the contract is over). Now, I am ready to believe it is legal, but is it ethical? Could it be here a "robber being robbed". Well I don't personally think so. IMO everyone enjoys their business or hobby the way they want to. What matters is to respect each other.
  7. Welcome to Modaco! Now, before posting a question, you'd rather do a search. There are several threads in regards of the i600 WM6' upgrading. And if you still don't find, then come back here!
  8. Great tip, congrats for the finding!
  9. Yes, surprising! But after all, in what would a specific UK or Czek update be different from the other ones already posted?
  10. In which phone/pda do you find this menu? It does not exist on my M3100 (TyTn)
  11. Did you already fo a hard-reset? Sounds not too good; I wonder if you have not damaged the antenna or radio somehow when you dismantled the phone. Maybe time to get yourself a newer model, such as the HTC s710 (or the C600, if money matters).
  12. What I often do after dialing a number is switch the device off. Not great solution though:( True valid point!
  13. Hey, haven't you forgot the most important: -SPV Canary / Tanager: first ever WM smartphone? ..Which lead to the opening of Modaco? Please correct if I'm mistaken. Talking of quality, I used dozens of HTC since 2002, with a single hardware problem: my Tanager's 3.5mm jack got loose. I got it fixed under guarantee. Never had a single incident other than that.
  14. No need of an expert, the upgrade is a child game. And yes, Switzerland is present in the WM6 Nordic' rom, as well as the operators' settings (SW, Sunrise & Orange) You'll find these in the hidden preconfig' menu.
  15. Not too fair, but unless you find an easier way, give it for repair under guarantee, telling your computer crashed during rom update
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