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  1. AndroidKiller

    X8 Unlock for £5

    I have ordered but it doesn't work? Are you sure?
  2. AndroidKiller

    3G camera or what?

    no problems, If I were you threaten to sue them or ask for compensation, thats what us jews do! LOL.
  3. AndroidKiller

    3G camera or what?

    no only camrea at back 3.2
  4. AndroidKiller

    new pulse mini

    downlaod better keyboard you will love it. Its so worth it .
  5. AndroidKiller


    How do I change the icons on the custom rom? Been searching and trying for ages? Tnks
  6. AndroidKiller

    [THEME] Espresso MOD [07/10/2010]

    How do I install Icons? Wont let me flash it? Thanks
  7. AndroidKiller

    how do we change the theme

    how do i change the icons its not working#?
  8. AndroidKiller

    andoroid commander

    I installed and patched the sdk but it wont detect my phone? I think adb drivers are installed no idea! Please help!
  9. AndroidKiller

    DSDPulMinFroYo Alpha 1 - FroYo on the Pulse Mini

    Just installed, and ulaoding what I downlded as its goes really slow, so will put a new link out. Seems to be ideos software and installed fine but its booting up. Will post results soon. EDIT: Not good exatcly like kulaffes, cant call and some problems as before! This doesnt seem to be for the C8500 its for the U8150. Keep gettting the process.acore error when ever I open any applcation. Including dialer. Seems to be customized for the C8500, as its Eagle? http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1Y5L373W This si the link to the 2.2, if anyone wants to try soemthing.
  10. AndroidKiller

    DSDPulMinFroYo Alpha 1 - FroYo on the Pulse Mini

    hyyis it aexe file? seems dodgy?
  11. AndroidKiller

    Which is faster/better? Pulse or Pulse Mini?

    mini has been overclocked to 652 which is stable though you can go higher. However I dont have a pulse so cant say which one to get, but to play games on the mini is good but soemtimes due to small screen and reolution not all games works.
  12. AndroidKiller

    GPS Problem

    Thanks again mate will try your method.
  13. AndroidKiller


    Theres one man i can count on! :P Thanks
  14. AndroidKiller


    I was wondeirng if we could port cyogen mod onto pulse mini as I would really like to make it look nicer and you can do it pulse the big one? thanks

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