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  1. Update coming soon? Might have to go back to standard CM at this rate!
  2. Hmm, just tried using the kitchen and it takes me to the membership buying page. Is something up with my subscription? It says member mode in the kitchen. Seems to work if I don't change any settings, but as soon as I change anything it won't bake.
  3. Hi Paul Is it possible to add quiet night feature like on CM. The ability to set times where sounds and notification lights are disabled?
  4. Paul, can you fix the convert to MMS when sending to multiple recipients?
  5. My Maxell case arrive today. I don't find it slippery in the slightest when my phone is on it with no case. It is bigger than the phone, but it needs to be. About the size I expected to be honest. I found it charged pretty quickly, but did get a bit warm. Will try and log some temperatures.
  6. Mine arrived on Friday, I feel the same as you. My biggest gripe is the extra width. I've not got the largest hands as it is, and this is already a big phone. The extra 6mm really makes a difference. It lasted all of 30mins on my phone whilst sat on my desk at work. Straight off again. I didn't have my first drop yesterday but I did have my first spill, got beer all over it! Panicked! But thankfully because it is all glass with no back that opens for the battery not beer got it. I strangely wasn't fussed that it also went on my laptop and my SGS2! But both are also fine.
  7. The MIUI forums might be a better place to ask
  8. Who is your contract with? I'm with Vodafone and their own app tracks all calls, data and texts.
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