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  1. Of course if you have a data connection available! Unfortunately, today I came back to MIUI Final by Youpy666. Beta 3 is an excellent work but too slow with A1.
  2. For who had problem to install any program after the flashing, I solved the issue in this way: open the rom zip file with winrar (i.e.) and open the folder System, then App, and insert the Filemanager program you usually use. (i.e. Rootexplorer) then reflash the Rom following the instruction in post n° 2. You will find your filemanager program in the Drawer. Bye ;-)
  3. "Set Overclock" option does not work from "LiquidSettings". How it works?
  4. Just tried. Very awesome appearence but unusable at the moment. Excellent work. Wait for final release. Good luck
  5. I have some problem whit proximity sensor. The rom doesn't seems very fast.
  6. I formatted the SD and disable the standard EQ. It seems to work properly. Many thanks Lens
  7. I have some problem using the mp3 player. After some songs played or if I skip them, the player go in a freeze state and the phone does not response to any action. I have to remove the battery. Any idea? The problem is still present since ver 1.7.22
  8. Does someone think it is possible to extract the MIUI Music and MIUI Camera apps and install them to Gnufabio's rom? I think it could be the best rom ever.
  9. Ok, thank you for the suggetion. I am going to try it. Ok, grazie per il suggerimento. Lo proverò. In tutte le versioni di Android tranne la Ginger, la funzione è presente.
  10. Gnufabio, is it possible to search the contact from dialpad? I won't to install another dialer instead of the default. Gnufabio, è possibile cercare i contatti direttamente dalla tastiera del telefono? Non voglio installare una altro programma telefono.
  11. Is chinese site, either google translates it, I cannot understand where is the download link Found it!!!
  12. Battery drain, seems to be fast. It is about 2% for hour, with only 3 minutes calling.
  13. how is it possible to find phone number from the dialer?
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