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  1. the alarm issue is known, cuz the Sense Alarm only works with Sense Lockscreen i had the same issues with the beta of fLockscreen (made by @eliotstocker and @anderwebs) thats the point why i switched to CM6.1 since its out for Wildfire :)
  2. Hey all, after the new LiveView apk update via market, i noticed that LiveView only support 6 plugins :/ i have 9 Plugins installed (they are all working) but LiveView apk and LiveView itself only shows me 6 Plugins and i get random PopUps on my Android form LiveView apk the tells me the i only can set 6 Plugins anyone else noticed this new issue?
  3. it seems the updates makes the connection more stable on my wildfire (CM61)
  4. Hey all with a bit help from @eliotstocker i was able to fix the LiveView SDK yesterday. Eliot an I hab the problem, that we was able to import the source into Eclipse to edit it, we also could install the demo files on our Devices, but the LiveView app didnt show the Demo Plugin's B) There was a line missing in the AndroidManifest.xml I added the missing line to all three Templates and updated the SDK file. you can find the updated Version here: http://blog.piratemedia.tv/2010-11-22-liveview-sdk-fixed/
  5. Found this on XDA: DFU Mode: Switcht the LiveView off and than switch it with both hardware buttons on. To leave the DFU Mode just hold the power button for about 10sec. It shows a USB-Plug on the display and the letters DFU - but it doesn't gets detected on my mac...it would be too easy Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...mp;postcount=40 on my Windows Laptop it detects as hardware, but idk if there are any drivers for it I think it should be possible to update the FW
  6. ;) no, i got it yesterday by a mistake from SE :) after this tweet http://twitter.com/#!/SonyEricssonDev/...611629534253056 i visited the SE Dev Site and found a dwnload there :) i send this to DL to few Devs after i got it B)
  7. Here is a mirror to the official LiveView SDK http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4727462/LiveView_SDK_v1.0.zip here is my source: http://developer.sonyericsson.com/wportal/...cc=gb&lc=en
  8. Here is a mirror: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4727462/LiveView_SDK_v1.0.zip
  9. I'll get mine hopeful tomorrow - cant wait to use it with my wildfire an if SE releases te SDK try to dev for it :rolleyes:
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