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  1. After all this Siri talk and Vlingo doing OK and Google Voice search not quite being up to the job and not quite as good in certain aspects I have found this app which works quite well - just needs polishing up ! or maybe it's my puny 3.2" screen on my Legend that makes certain results a bit squished. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.pannous.voice.actions.free works on Android and also available for iOS, or so their website says.
  2. and they had ... no Vega's! However, they did have the Amica............. It is truly shocking to use, there is a stutter of animation scrolling between home screens, I had it in hand for about a minute. Feels nice to hold and so on... but it really does lack speed, I know it only has a 300mhz cpu and I'm glad I haven't gave in to a cheaper tablet while waiting to order a Vega.
  3. fake-flash worked for me last night when testing CM7.0 experimental. You tried the advanced restore options? Restoring each individually? Otherwise find out how it generates the nandroid.md5 file and try recreate it?
  4. Works well, used it to flash Super Circle battery mod I cooked just now to cm6.1. Loving it!
  5. Bugger, not working on cm6.1 legend. was working on stock 2.2 :D
  6. I think you're asking a bit too much for £125 :unsure:
  7. It's for sale on Curry/PCWorld website, quite interested in this. 1ghz CPU for £130? Sounds too good to be true.
  8. As it's obviously not on a 'tablet friendly' version of Android, what is the resolution like with most apps? I've heard some apps on the 7" Galaxy Tab don't display correctly, so as this has more than 45% 'usable' screen real estate, I'd have thought it to be worse and more apps having issues?
  9. As I recall it was an update to the Market not for 2.3, it was all over twitter about how Nexus owners were getting excited for no reason B)
  10. Permaroot not working for Legend 2.2 OTA :) Temp root still works though B)
  11. It requires a customized Kernel, thus a custom ROM, thus your phone to be rooted. I'm sure it's possible to get a Sense ROM with overclocking enabled, just don't know if anyone has bothered. Head over to XDA it's Legend section is a a little busier than MoDaCo's.
  12. Stock for now. Pros: Much faster than stock 2.1. New Market A2SD works well and now have over 50mb free space for other apps that can't A2SD. SMS bug reportedly fixed (not checked myself as I lost all texts when reverting to stock 1.32 then OTA'ing. Smoother all round. Wifi signal is much better, so they defo worked on the drivers. Flashlight. Con: No HTCSense.com version of Sense. Not Gingerbread :rolleyes:
  13. Yes it's possible with custom ROM's, have a look on XDA there are pre-baked roms with the over-clocking included.
  14. Please elaborate what you mean by "Perform clockwork recovery in rom manager" ?Flash a rom or what?
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