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  1. For me worked My Phone explorer ( http://www.fjsoft.at ), It can sync contacts, calendar, calls, messages, files, etc., i only need to sync outlook contacts and calendar. I tested several of the free and paid options. Here you can find a very complete list of the options available for sync PC (Outlook) to Android ( http://syncdroid.net ). The programs that I tested, none function as well as ActiveSync. IMO every program that I tested had issues and need work, but you need to test the options. Just my 2 cents.
  2. I'm on the same channel ... I don't pass the "Android on Omnia II Loading..", I gave up, tried many different configs in startup.txt, , partition sizes, performance settings, etc. Now I'm using just WinMo, waiting for the next upgrade and check if it work for me.
  3. I'm on the same channel ... I don't pass the "Android on Omnia II Loading..", I gave up, tried many different configs in startup.txt, , partition sizes, performance settings, etc. Now I'm using just WinMo, waiting for the next upgrade and check if it work for me.
  4. Thanks to the ones that are tryng to help. I'm insisting in the installation, I followed the suggested steps : Changed rom to Rapid_JI1_29022_Sense.nb0, previously created the partitions in My Storage. 1st partition FAT32 2nd partition ext4 1600 mb 3rd partition swap 256 mb formated the Fat32 under WinMo Copy the contents of cm_beta2 to my storage rename the sd.cpio to external.sd.cpio rename the sd_ms.cpio to sd.cpio run androidinstall ... run haret from my storage ... Stuck on "Android on Omnia II Loading" screen. The next is the video of the install process Jump to Is this message normal ? the one after te untar (tar: short read) Can some one share the CRC and/or MD5 of the files included on cm_beta2 ? TIA.
  5. Hi Lotuxete, can you share your exact partition types, sizes, and your startup.txt. I'm asking you this because I'm stuck in the "Android on Omnia II Loading". I already tried different partition sizes, all primary, I used for system from 1 to 2.5 Gb. and for swap 128 and 256, Fat32 is allways the partition # 1 named sdcard, and varies it's size according to the "system" and swap partitions. I tried the automatic and the manual installation, in the manual mode I was getting an error when I untar the ext4.tar ( ), so I switched to backtrack 5 and I don't see the error msg anymore, but I'm not sure if that is the last file in the tar. Also with each configuration of partitions I experiment in the startup.txt with the parameter mmcblk1p2, change it from 0p0 to 0p7, 1p0 to 1p7, 2p0 to 2p7, of course passing from 0, 1, 2, 3 ... 7, and still no success. I checked the CRC of the unziped files with the ones in the phone "My Storage", and are the same. I tried sendig the files via activesync mode and Mass storage mode, the only thing different that I notice is that the name of the haret file is in uppercase and IIRC, this file was in lowecase CMbeta1 and beta3. At this moment I'll try again, but I'll take video of the installation to review the process. TIA.
  6. Hi, I don't know if this can be flagged as Linux problem or is a tar problem. I tried to use the automatic install on internal storage, I created and formated the partitions, rename the file, etc. following the instructions, and the install failed, and because I didn't saw the error I tried the manual install, following the steps in and when I try to untar the ext4.tar, I get the error "tar: A lone zero block at 343398", I'm using live ubuntu 11.10, just for information this are the last lines before the error : xbin/rtcwake xbin/cal xbin/sqlite3 xbin/wc xbin/bttest system/app/LauncherPro.apk system/app/Term.apk loadmod.wm system/lib/libsec-ril.so.wm modules/dpram.ko.wm tar: A lone zero block at 343398 I already formated several times and tried different sizes of the partitions, redownloaded the file, and still the same error. TIA.
  7. Hi again, mmm ... Another bug report ... I saw reported the "Time/Date" (autoupdate from carrier, change of the WinMo time/date, etc.). But I don't see reported when you change manually the date/time, isn't refreshed with the new time/date in the status bar and lock screen, till I rotate the phone, and sometimes after the "rotation" the data is continuously updated, sometimes I need to rotate the phone to display the correct time/date in the status bar/lockscreen when I need to see the time or date. Thanks again to the Devs.
  8. Hi everyone, first I want to thank the Devs, this release it's the more stable and coolest. (cm beta1) I want to report some bugs : 1.- When I uninstall something, it go back to the list and the "loading..." is kept forever, well I waited 35-45 mins and was still there, until I pressed the back button, if I enter the Manage apps again everything is ok. 2.- The sound with the Bluetooth headset, well the "ear" part it's Ok, but the "speak" part the volume is VERY low, after the install I called some people and they can't hear me, I was practically shouting, at first I thought it was the headset, so I disconnected and kept talking directly with the phone, then I rebooted and tested in Win (same i8000) and the headset it was working ok, the voice was clear both ways. 3.- When you are in a call, and the screen is dimmed or turned off, there's no way of getting back to the calling screen to see the time, add another call, conference, etc. other that press the "Awake button" that is the same "hang-up button" so the call it's hanged up, I tried touching and taping the screen and the rest of the buttons and nothing, only the "Awake button" or another incoming call can restore the calling screen. Maybe you can reactivate the screen during a call with screen taps or the proximity sensor as in the "old" OS (WinMo 6.5.3). 4.-If I’m connected WiFi and I make or answer a call or the phone goes to sleep, I get disconnected from WiFi, I have to disable and enable WiFi several times to reconnect, that’s an improvement, because in beta3 I needed to reboot. The following I'm not sure if they are bugs or request : 1.- When I connect the Bluetooth headset in WinMo, all the sound in the calls (hear, speak) is directed automatically to the headset, I don't need to push the button in the headset to redirect the sounds from the phone to the headset. If I got the headset on the ear and I got an incoming call (CM Beta1), both sounds (headset and phone), but when I try to answer with the button on the headset, it answers the call, but the sound is in the phone, not in the headset, this until I do one long press in the headset button as a kind of "connect and use the headset". I don't know if this is the "normal way" in Android, but in Symbian and WinMo I always used as I described, If this is the "normal way" can you add a select option to use it as is or use it the "other way" (WinMo, Symbian).
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