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  1. Have been watching reviews of this device on you tube, not seen it for real yet. If anyone here is using one, what is it really like? Cheap & crappy or does it outsmart some phones for the same price? I hear the camera is pretty crappy, even though it's an 8mp ... and I saw somewhere on another forum someone was saying it was stuffed full of very hard (almost impossible) to remove loggers ...
  2. snowdroid

    LG 2.1 update in uk

    Thanks for posting this. How is it working for you so far ? & anyone else using this ?
  3. snowdroid

    2.1 release due in July 2010

    Hmm yes .. thanks for that, a great find !
  4. snowdroid

    2.1 release due in July 2010

    2.1 is just around the corner for us .. I'm not losing any sleep over the wait, although that swiss chocolate would be even better if it was accidentally spilled all over Rosie Jones ... hehe
  5. snowdroid

    2.1 release due in July 2010

    lol ! If it does come out this week I think I'm gonna wait & see if there's any major probs before updating ... and also if someone posts a complete changelog on the update :)
  6. snowdroid

    Is the screen resolution that bad?

    I looked at a Wildfire before buying an LGgt540 instead ... as far as I'm concerned the Wildfire's screen resolution is rubbish, and plenty apps wont work on it either due to the low resolution. The store guy ran the same two clips from You Tube on both phones, and the Wildfire was pretty crap to put it mildly. It seems a bit of a con some stores marketing it as the "mini desire" when its nothing like the desire in terms of specs and that great screen (at least on the amoled desire). For me, the Wildfire is a bit of a con, unless they drop it way down in price to what it should be, maybe £120 or so in the UK instead of being over £200 - which it definitely is not worth, even with the 5MP camera which isnt that good either.
  7. snowdroid

    HTC launch the Desire HD (formerly known as the HTC Ace)

    still records video in .3gp and not a camera button in sight .. what a pile of cr*p ! The C in HTC must stand for "Cheap" !
  8. snowdroid

    2.1 release due in July 2010

    Yeah .. could do with an update to 2.2 I read about the new Optimus LGs .. the "Chic" has a better spec than the "One" and both have capacitive screens but they both look kinda cheap in the pics so I just got a 540 today and very pleased with it
  9. snowdroid

    2.1 release due in July 2010

    Sine some sites appear to have gt540's running Android 2.1 has anyone found a full changelog for what's coming in the new version ?

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