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  1. thanks, i'd really like to test cm7 on my mt ^^ wish it comes before xmas, but nice even if it arrives after NY day
  2. I'm really sorry if my post leads you to think i was being rude :/ that was not the point For now, if you're stuck in a bootloop with you MT, you should take of the battery, adn try to reflash the whole thing again.
  3. may be you should go back yes... and may be you should stay with a regular phone now... if you spend a whole week end flashing and rooting it, obviously, you should ... Anyway, acer's not the best, but you can hardly brick their devices, metal has a great screen, even better than the famous samsung galaxy SII, and it also have Dolby mobile... vache did a great job making a good rom, fast and stable, and if you don't like his work, there are some roms you could try too. have a nice day.
  4. yep ! i agree with that ! would be nice to finally see CM on our metals !
  5. is this really working ? i heard that android UI was gone in 2.3.5 bin ? edit : Yep it works !! got back my old lockscreen :P
  6. Really ? the download is located under 2.3 gingerbread, on acer 's site ...
  7. ok i'll do that, do one reboot, and keep you posted on that issue.
  8. I had some troubles with my phone, like phone not responding at wake up, etc... I checked setCPU, ans it seems to be set for 122mhz max and 122 mhz min. problem is I don't know the correct values. Can you help me or point out some topic in here I may have missed ?
  9. So, this boot isn't in anyway compatible with your last rom dmd_aosp for leak 2.3.4 ? Seems to me, kernel sources are already on a download link on acer download site...
  10. you should flash a custom rom, this one is ''official non official yet'', then u can use gscript or any other tool to switch between acer UI and android UI. to get into recovery, you can install quickboot, or make a reco.bat file, just type in the file ''adb.exe reboot recovery'' and save, then you can boot in recovery by launching the file with the phone plugged in. hope this can be of some help.
  11. ok thanks ! I went through some troubles with previous roms, so... Anyway, nice rom, fast seems stable, and navigation works fine now :D
  12. thanks ! I should have read the entire post :$ Edit : Well since I flashed the fix, phone seems to be a lot more slow than usual with this rom. should I let the rom start one first time before flashing the fix, or can I flash the rom, then the fix and boot ?
  13. I get force close with this rom, when using navigation. so i reverted to ginger 2.1.1 Anyone knows how to fix this ?
  14. I might be mistaken, but, isn't the kernel source code available on acer download site ? It is the only download possible for gingerbread, along with user's manual, and acer sync. May be devs can do something now ?
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