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  1. i bet you guys dont remember this one :( Happy New Years @all
  2. Steff, I tried the full package of M2d with customising with one of your latest lite roms and i couldnt get it running properly. But Im using both your m2d themes with Ock's m2d roms and they are superb. Could you please share some more m2dct files ? I prefer your choice. Thanks
  3. im also very much interested to get the whole package together.. I tied the rom and getting past the alignment screen was most excruciating. The rest I searched and got lost :(
  4. i know, i know, dreamnej, been there. no worries. happy times to all at your end. :-)
  5. i know one thing - andrew, our i900 can handle another complete theme from you :(
  6. Yonn, thanks for the SPB droid rom . there are many small improvements and surprises all over the rom but i experienced this with spb before with pdhee roms too - when the weather is clear and a dark night outside my window.....i see the sun blazing away on my mobile spb weather !! i try updating but it continues...its quite exasperating....not anything to do with your rom im sure but just observing.
  7. Thank you kristyan, i got it working. Christmas theme is nice....love the red colour.....animation etc ..very good work and share. Last theme ? :)
  8. ...there was something really good about those people... i learnt to understand their language even though I dont know turk......sory to speak out... this forum is almost dead anyways....why hit out now ?
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