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  1. BUMP* After running the "fastboot flash radio stock-hc-flyer-radio.img" command it just hangs and says "< waiting for device >" Any ideas? BTW the "Android USB Driver" is installed - flyer appears as "Android ADB Interface"... also i am in the screen that says "Fastboot USB" after running "adb reboot bootloader" ... and yes it says "-Revolutionary- FLYER PVT SHIP S-OFF RL" at the top Thanks Kris
  2. After running the "fastboot flash radio stock-hc-flyer-radio.img" command it just hangs and says "< waiting for device >" Any ideas? Thanks Kris
  3. When you select Maps to be included in the build for the desire hd online kitchen it is not included in the build
  4. What file do we modify in the zip file if we wish to add custom APN settings to the database of predefined APN's? Thanks Kris
  5. hrm... it just says error when i try to install the apk from the stock rom... :P
  6. I am posting a list of known issues here with MoDaCo's ROM. I am creating this thread so that my posts don't get lost with all of the other replies in the "30/Dec r2 - HTC Desire HD MoDaCo Custom ROM with Online Kitchen" post. This will be updated with more issues and their fixes as they are discovered. Yellow - issue Red - critical issue Green - fixed r2 - Wireless stops working upon updating ROM - Only happens rarely - re-download the ROM and re-flash seems to fix - When applications request root access root crashes - Apply the fix from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=886999 - Protected apps are missing from the market - download fix at: http://goo.gl/v7Lnu - Thanks PapaDocta - Locations premium Navigation crashes (first found in r1) - am currently looking into a fix Hopes this helps those who are stuck Kris
  7. I will try to get the app from a stock rom and attempt to make a patch flashable zip for it... will let you know how i go Kris
  8. Its just a modified version of the build.prop file - basically a txt doc that holds the Rom build info
  9. I have seen alot of posts stating issues that have already been covered so will re-cap the issues with r2 -Locations premium navigation force closes -Root force closes - there is a fix for this ... have a look through the posts -Protected apps are missing from the market let me know if i have missed any Kris
  10. Protected is basically androids way of saying ... the apps cannot be copied ... however they can be with a custom rom ... and therefore are subject to piracy Manufactures ROMs are registered with Google and a finger print of the rom is sent to the market servers when it is accessed. If the ROM is an official one it allows all apps to be downloaded... else just the non-protected ones ... r1 was picked up as official ... and the fact that the protected apps are missing is the main reason i will not update to r2 Kris
  11. If you read my previous posts - ALL apps in the market that are protected are not avaliable in the market .... This is one of the reasons i will not upgrade to r2 atm Kris
  12. Just make sure it isn't ticked before you click cook- I hate this app too ... can't stand demo stuff in a ROM Kris
  13. Also the modified power menu thing appears not to work with this ROM Kris
  14. OK further news on the market problem ... it appears that it is not a region issue and that ALL PROTECTED APPS are not appearing in the market Hope this and the SU problem are fixed soon and put into the next release (r3) Thanks Kris
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