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    Can someone explain Romanian to me?

    If you have a ww_gen1 device there is a method to unlock the bootloader on this forum, if you have other branded version from mobistar or orange then there is currently no method to unlock the bootloader. First part "soft brick" is bassically a method to reflash the firmaware from the stock recovery wich works on every device, provided having the right branded firmware(ww_gen1, mobistar, oragen etc).Second part of the tutorial "hard brick" is usefull for romanian users with branded orange version who hardbricked their phones trying to unlock the bootloader with the ww_gen1 method.
  2. umbro123

    [TOOL] S500 SIM Unlock v1.1

    deactivate reboot on the program and try again.
  3. umbro123

    stock rooted ics.... transparent appdrawer?

    so how do you "call" the softkeys that are shown in the 4th image if you need them, you just swype from the edge of the screen?
  4. umbro123

    [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    you can get a working swype if you download it from your phone browser from www.swype.com , and its a newer version then the original one from the phone.
  5. umbro123

    [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    can you tell me what are the differences between type 1 and type 3 because i can't find anything relevant on google..
  6. umbro123

    [TOOL] S500 SIM Unlock v1.1

    works great, for those who says fail, dont hit deactivate, just hit get key and then insert another sim card from another operator and when asked for for code insert the unlock code provided by the "get key button"
  7. umbro123

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    btw dont forget to have a microSD card inside the phone when you update, because it wont work otherwise
  8. umbro123

    Unlocking the phone from the current carrier?

    if you dont find a cheper method in the meantime, remember that at the end of the contract the unlocking is free of charge
  9. i thnk theres something wrong with my drivers, i dont get any response.on the phone i see the same maessage from earlier and on cmd is waiting for device...
  10. how do i rebot i fastboot? i just powerd up the phone holding the volume up, i tought that is the fastboot method
  11. i installed sdk tools and acer drivers, entered the command for device info but nothing happens. On cmd i see waiting for device and on phone i see boot mode:fastboot! and ik version:ICS-4765cba! .how can i check what cpu i have?
  12. umbro123

    Unlocking the phone from the current carrier?

    if you bought the phone free of contract they are obligated to unlock it for free, if not i thnik that there is a law that says carriers must unlock the phones for free but i think only when you finish the 1 or 2year contract.
  13. umbro123

    HTC WILDFIRE Update , Now What?

    those are the exact numbers i have on my wildfire bought 1 week ago with no updates made by me and its 2.1.

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