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  1. Hi guys if u have problem restoring backup from titanium, just install the ics gapps. Because I saw on logcat this rom doesnt have some shared lib files needed by market.. just google to download :) Im looking a workaround for using mp3 as ringtone..anyone?
  2. Theme will work by creating a "theme" folder on /data/system/ Wifi tether can work with 3rd party apps.. only custom ringtone would not ring
  3. Hi Trip custom ringtone is not working.. it's silent.. only system ringtone work as normal.. I baked without bravia..
  4. at least this he is complying with GPL.. can make ur phone much better :lol::lol::lol:
  5. vorbeth is desperately in need of attention from what I see :lol:
  6. currently htc kernel on aosp/miui will have mic broken on apps.. but it is stable I can say
  7. I had a problem with call log.. wont display contact name.. all my contacts are with country code (+6).. incoming calls wont display those country code.. any fix?
  8. too bad lockscreen wallpaper cannot be changed :( Edit: and 1 more question.. do I need to flash TripNiCE firmware firmware? because currently im with 3.24 revolutionary.. got some random reboot on random apps.. thanks
  9. yo trip I like this rom over any ICS AOSP! cant wait for videocam to work. nice work! :D
  10. ^ well Im just asking the dev itself as the voice search feature never get to work since xperia age.. maybe u r just born yesterday :blink:
  11. this rom very well perform.. but the battery drain so fast.. and custom brightness dont have panel backlight after reboot..
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