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  1. Hi guys if u have problem restoring backup from titanium, just install the ics gapps. Because I saw on logcat this rom doesnt have some shared lib files needed by market.. just google to download :) Im looking a workaround for using mp3 as ringtone..anyone?
  2. Theme will work by creating a "theme" folder on /data/system/ Wifi tether can work with 3rd party apps.. only custom ringtone would not ring
  3. Hi Trip custom ringtone is not working.. it's silent.. only system ringtone work as normal.. I baked without bravia..
  4. at least this he is complying with GPL.. can make ur phone much better :lol::lol::lol:
  5. vorbeth is desperately in need of attention from what I see :lol:
  6. currently htc kernel on aosp/miui will have mic broken on apps.. but it is stable I can say
  7. I had a problem with call log.. wont display contact name.. all my contacts are with country code (+6).. incoming calls wont display those country code.. any fix?
  8. too bad lockscreen wallpaper cannot be changed :( Edit: and 1 more question.. do I need to flash TripNiCE firmware firmware? because currently im with 3.24 revolutionary.. got some random reboot on random apps.. thanks
  9. yo trip I like this rom over any ICS AOSP! cant wait for videocam to work. nice work! :D
  10. ^ well Im just asking the dev itself as the voice search feature never get to work since xperia age.. maybe u r just born yesterday :blink:
  11. this rom very well perform.. but the battery drain so fast.. and custom brightness dont have panel backlight after reboot..
  12. hi.. is there any way to make google voice search working? I got fc on every version..
  13. hi 005b all works like a charm. thank you for the great rom :lol: for those who had problem with miui backup, u can use titainum instead.. still can backup and restore desktop layout :rolleyes: and the last hope for me is battery draining.. its pretty fast.. I still dont know which kernel is the best
  14. GPS is working fine.. for some odd reason, AGPS not work for me.. which is I can get location lock under the sky.. but not when Im in the building/house.. Im from asia.. do tell me if I missing something.. thanks
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