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  1. Does anyone have official firmware for B7330 ?? I searched everywhere but did not find. I now have this cooked version http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=962899 and works OK but Call recording not working, I try Resco 4.62 and vito audionotes 1.82 but it does not work a call record. if anyone tried call recording ??
  2. I use this CallerID & LockScreen and "sms" and "missed call" slider are over the Clock. How I can make them below "unlock" slider ? regards
  3. hi, do you know where I can found "cab" to be transparent Task bar and soft bar keys ? something like this picture http://www.modaco.co...90863_thumb.png I have I8000 with official ROM JG2
  4. Hi, I recently bought i8000 and I would put Energy Sense2.5.Cookie.2.0. Energji Rom and I download version "Energy.OMNIA.29022.Sense2.5.Cookie.2.0.Jul.04.7z", Is that 'Energy' style version of the ROM? On my phone is now PDA-JG2 CSC JG2 Phone-JF1 Do I need to change something that I could put that ROM ?
  5. when set to 250 Align Screen is pass and screen work much better but have small problem in same area.
  6. I use ock_Premium_23129-WM6.5 ROM, and my screen is not accurate, when I use Align Screen that X is the constantly moving around the screen and do not complete the process. in applications the screen is not accurate in the upper left corner. Is this a problem with Digitizer-touch screen or with the Software ??
  7. I need a program like http://incallert.en.softonic.com/symbian or http://call-assistant.en.softonic.com/symbian but for WM if anyone knows any such program
  8. no amount of adjustment there, just set the city can you post a picture of adjustment ?
  9. I try version 2 and work great. but I can not find where to set the icons for the weather ?
  10. I set the camera with one settings and when I restart the settings go back to default. How to store my settings?
  11. The clock was been accurate and then it suddenly started to rush 15 minutes,I was return it to the exact time but it moved on for 15 minutes in advance. How to turn off automatic correction of hours? I think that the time taken to GSM.
  12. Again I have a problem with Touch Calendar (Menu, Go to Today, Options, New -not work). I do a hard reset and after a few days Touch Calendar stops working. why the problem arises ?

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