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  1. check your volumen buttons ,it seems not work and there is the reason you cant boot to recovery...
  2. Hi guys,i started this post to inform to all vsu6 community,i sold my VSU6 and return to my old lg g2 [emoji20] so the development of all my roms end here...thank you for your support[emoji1]
  3. no its not the same this is a port from coolpad f2 nutsda is build from source code zte kernel
  4. i can try but only can work on it on weekends
  5. need a base rom with sd 615 and a 32 bit kernel...
  6. try to include nfc but no works...nfc is diferent on miui.... about dpi you can change on buld.prop
  7. no...SU6 have a sd615 it supports 64 bit kernel... but the partitions on this phone doesn't support it
  8. no work blade have a 64 bit kernel..and VSU6 have 32 bit kernel...you brick device if you try
  9. unpack two, coolpad and vsu6 and mixed following a tuto on osbusters.net
  10. sorry but my holidays ends and dont have time to work on it....
  11. no ,i cant sign this zip for stock recovery
  12. i tryed but there are some universal drivers on cm imcompatible with stock
  13. so difficult it is a particular kernel facture
  14. and what rom did you have,before break..
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