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  1. Which kernel are you using? Do you mind sharing your display drivers that you got from X10? Just do a "git diif > kernel.patch" in your kernel/acer/salsa folder.
  2. You need to tell me a bit on your source tree. How are you compiling and where did you get the cyanogen, device, vendor, kernel source trees from and what are the changes you have done to the source tree. Without this information it is difficult to say what the issue is. Looks at device/acer/salsa/patches/libril.diff for what changes are applicable to JB code base. Note that you may have to modify the patch to suite JB code base.
  3. Looks like some methods in the AudioHardware class that are virtual have not been implemented in the AudioHardware.cpp file. Can you check which methods you have not implemented? Looks like more of the log that you pasted are missing.
  4. You can compile it independently but you may have issues with dependencies if you do not do it right. Do a clean build of the source tree and you should be fine.
  5. Did you disable vsync? If you disable this from the android and kernel side the performance should be the same compared to ICS. For the camera, which camera library are you using? Have you tried to use the camera library that I have modified?
  6. Congratulations and good luck! I think it is a good start. So, what happens when you unlock the screen? Can you provide a logcat capture when you unlock the screen? Which launcher are you using? I guess you are using trebuchet launcher the default with cm10. From the previous logcat that you provided I see you have FM server enabled. Our device does not have FM so you can disable the FM service. I am not sure how to do this though.
  7. Sorry I do not have time. Try matching the kernel mdp module with what is used in the liboverlay. Looks there is a mismatch between the two.
  8. when you checked out the device tree for salsa the source for this lights is under device/acer/salsa/liblights. Do the following to compile liblights only and nothing else. . ./build/envsetup.sh && brunch salsa mmm device/acer/salsa/liblights Or you want to compile an entire image do the usual make command.
  9. Not sure what you meant. Can you elaborate?
  10. Note that you have to download a compatible version of gapps. You cannot install JB version of gapps on an ICS ROM. Just saying.
  11. ok, not to worry. When you load to fastboot connect the phone to your PC. From the PC install android-sdk. Then in c/Program Files (x86)/Android/android-sdk/platform-tools you will find a program called fastboot.exe. Enter the command "fastboot devices". This should list your device. If not reboot into fastboot with the USB cable connected. Take the boot.img from a know good working ROM for the device and enter the command "fastboot flash boot boot.img". After the flashing completes enter the command "fastboot reboot". This should reboot the device. See if it restores your boot image. If this works then restore the system image using the command "fastboot flash system system.img" after entering fastboot.
  12. Did you enable mass storage from the Storage settings menu (Settings | Storage | hit menu soft button | USB computer connection)? Also try re-installing the Acer USB driver.
  13. I will consider this done. It is very hard to find time to work on this project although I continue to use this device every day. The source can be found at https://github.com/thepasto/android_device_acer_salsa/tree/ics/libcamera
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