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  1. same! one solution: change to gsm(2g) in windows mobile and haret to android,then you can send sms,but you can only use 2g network!
  2. I just cracked HTC Teeter From HTC HD oem packages now HTC Teeter can be run in REAL FULL WVGA MODE on B7610 and I8000 with NO BUG! Thx the author that who made the pdraw.dll in previous cracked HTC Teeter(not REAL WVGA),this helped me! Note:CAB is included WWE and CHS MUI. usage: 1.install HTC_Teeter_WVGA.cab in your device 2.put the HTCSensorSDK.dll for your device into "\Windows" 3.run it from Start Menu\Games\Teeter,last enjoy it :) PS:this cab may run on more device that have HTCSensorSDK.dll,but not tested. HTC_Teeter_WVGA.zip HTCSensorSDK_B7610.zip
  3. it's really a hard work,maybe someone have fun of change our boot logo,i can split boot logo but it's compressed and i have no idea on it! :D
  4. and it's also depend on display IC i don't think samsung give B7610 a 24bit support IC
  5. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...ries-downloads/ "Under this topic you can make firmware query and download requests for your Samsung Mobile device. I will ask you for a donation of 1 € for each firmware query request and 5 € for each firmware download request. " the fastest way to get it :D
  6. oh,it's from the samsung M8400,nice like!can you share the stock rom?it's too hard too google the download link
  7. by my poor english i really didn't understand what "pumpkins on Halloween" means.just hack it suitable with 6.5.x or ... if it is a native cpp software maybe i can help you.
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