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  1. Just like to put a quick Fish'N'Chips shoutout to thank irishpancake for his donation. Cheers for the support mate :)
  2. Links and Change log are now up. When you say camera is broken do you mean the wrong way up?
  3. Hello all, I'm now back from my little holiday. Would just like to thank Josef Prusa for confirming that RLS5 works on the TMV. This has saved myself and raverrr a lot of time seeing as neither of us own a TMV. Feel free to post any suggestions, improvements below. Raverrr and I are happy to take them on board. :)
  4. Your welcome mate. Happy to help. :D Feel free to post any more comments or suggestions for future releases below. Myself and raverrr welcome any fresh ideas for future releases of Fish'N'Chips. IDEAS??? :)
  5. You DON'T have to extract the Fish'N'Chips ROM zip in Winrar. You just have to open it (double click on it) then navigate to and delete bootanimation.zip and then exit the archive. No direct extracting or zipping (compression) is required when using Winrar. :)
  6. Our apologies for the background noise. It was late, and we didn't want to provoke the wrath of the womenfolk in the house at the time by disrupting their TV viewing. :P
  7. You must be using a non UK blade. All you have to do is remove the boot animation out of the ROM zip and it will run fine. :)
  8. Firstly, which version of Fish'N'Chips RLS3.2 did you install? Nemus, launcher pro or zeam? I think you have done something wrong during the installation process. Myself and raverrr have NEVER had your 'no market' issue and we have installed all of the RLS3.2 at least 5 times each. Did you make sure you did all of the wipes before installing? :)
  9. Food WAS my 1st thought but unfortunately it isn't logistically viable. :P
  10. Yes. You should always perform the 3 wipes before any full ROM installation to be on the safe side. There is a famous saying on Modaco. "No wipe. No whine!" :)
  11. Aww. Nope. Not from Duke Nukem. ;) Unfortunately not, the prize will be along the lines of a temporary download link to an EXCLUSIVE one-of-a-kind PRE-RELEASE version of Fish'N'Chips. But... I'm pretty sure that NOBODY will be able to answer my question (apart from raverrr - who I revealed it to when I cooked it in as default into the ROM) He DISAGREES with it. :)
  12. Ooh, I meant to ask this a while ago. Back around when we released Fish'N'Chips RLS3. It's quite trivial but here goes. What do you people think of the default notification sound? I have been arguing with raverrr for AGES over this. I made it and LOVE IT, whereas, he thinks otherwise. :) I, n4y4nrules, promise a Fish'N'Chips prize to anyone who can tell me where it originated from. :P
  13. Totally agree with you about the iphone BS. :D Did you mean a SCROLLABLE power widget in the Notification bar when you said 'rotating widgets'? P.S. I like your Modaco signature. :)
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