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  1. Mine was Asda and I got a refund. Yes I had full receipts, box and accessories.
  2. Sorry ... another phone with the screen / digitiser delaminating problem. You have the same problem that I had and also ...by the sounds of it ..."Big Don Vespa". See the other thread posted today also. Your picture looks like my phone was before I took it back to the store. Still usable ... but noticeable/distracting in daylight.
  3. I think it is the glue between the LCD and digitiser that is failing. Mine did not have the problem until it got hot in the summer. Mine had a 2-3mm strip of fuzzing, the one in the shop display was much wider. The display looks like this ....somebody else with the same issue.
  4. Same thing happened to me. I also bought mine at Asda ... it was about 11m old (12m warranty). Golden rules for me were. 1. Have receipt. 2. Box and ALL accessories (headset, charger, usb cable and sim). Google says some folks have had problems with returns without all the parts. I got offered a replacement or refund. Chose the latter. Simply went to CS and said that it had become faulty. Got a refund there and then - they check the refund and original cards match and the IMEI on the phone matches. She tried to take the back off... to do this step (LOL). Otherwise you are into Voda as manufacturer and warranty ... and grief. BTW... the Asda display model had about 5-7mm band of this fuzzy crud around the display. I believe many SU6 will suffer the same fate - might be heat related. Looks worse in sunlight (reflected) - fine in dark. Good luck.
  5. (OP sorry I can't be any help) .... but thank you. I was gonna update (53% downloaded) when I saw this thread. Now I have cancelled until we get confirmation whether this is an isolated incident or a borked upgrade. UPDATE: Never mind...risked it and it worked fine. apparently it does fix the BT headset/call ringing problem. Deag,
  6. I would be interested to know if it works on UK phones and how easy it is to remove Voda apps.
  7. Hi ... before I do this (security)... I thought I would ask whether any other SU6 users have this turned on ? If so, any performance hit ? do you lose your data ? Thanks Deag
  8. I use a magnetic one... holds to a supplied thin steel strip between the case and phone. Cost about £3 from china. Never let me down and real easy to use...
  9. not much help... but did you have a screen protector ? i fitted one but not sure if it will do much good...
  10. if such a spare exists... then aliexpress would be my first port of call.
  11. Used to be via browser agent. But maybe they have better ways to detect now
  12. Maybe 5.1 will be harder to remove the Vodafone apps ? Just a thought...
  13. Is it just me.... the google now launcher feels snappier than the vf stock one ?
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