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  1. I am having a little problem with Google Wallet. I had it working fine on my GSM 4.0.1 GN but then updated to 4.0.2. I had to wipe everything before updating (long story) and redid the procedure to install Google Wallet. It runs fine but I am unable to add the prepaid card to the phone. I get the E-Mail from Google whenever I attempt to add the card but it just returns an error.
  2. I am very excited about the locally stored maps. I've been waiting for this feature from a good Android phone for a while!
  3. I'm having a little trouble with the wifi hotspot. I don't have 3G on campus but I used to be able to enable the wifi hotspot using edge on the stock Nexus One rom. Unfortunately, it looks like r24 requires 3G in order to enable the wifi hotspot. Is there a way around this?
  4. I was able to get it working with the latest version.
  5. I couldn't get it to work. When I enable HTC Sync mode, my computer isn't able to identify the device.
  6. I just installed r24 (love it) and noticed that the phone model is registered as "HTC Desire." Would it be possible to use HTC Sync with my Nexus One? I've never used HTC Sync before, but seeing as how HTC makes amazing phones, there is a good chance the software is pretty good too. EDIT: I was able to get HTC Sync working with my Nexus One by using the latest version of HTC Sync (3.0.xxxx). Everything seems to work well In order to have HTC Sync show a Nexus One, place the 2 attached files in C:\Program Files (x86)\HTC\HTC Sync 3.0\ui\assets\images\model\4e1218d1
  7. Very nice work, Paul! A friend suggested this and I fell in love with it. I joined the website and paid for a year just so I could try this out. So far, everything is working great. My only issue is that it takes forever and a day to boot on my Nexus One. Other than that, everything is perfect.
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