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  1. It would appear that this phone is only available for purchase directly from Orange, either through their direct sales channel (phone / web) or from Orange Retail stores. Is that right?
  2. Hmmm. Thanks Paul. I'm starting to sway the Orange way now..
  3. Is she laggy though? Another thing, how is typing on her? I find typing on the LG GT540 incredibly frustrating. It's not like I have fat fingers or anything. It's a chore and a half just to send a short text. How do you find the San Fran?
  4. Seriously? Even in light of the recent Android OS upgrade of the LG GT540 from 1.6 to 2.1? Forgive my newbie nature, but is it the hardware or the software of the Orange San Francisco that makes it much better than the LG GT540? I'm seriously considering ditching my LG GT540 as her sluggish nature is causing my to bang my head against a brick wall - constantly. The truth is I'm rather impatient and when I press a button or slide my finger I want her to respond instantly. My LG GT540 apparently doesn't care for my impatience and instead she prefers to irritate me by lagging. How responsive do you find the San Fran? Does she respond when you want her to, or does she make you wait? I hate waiting.
  5. Could anybody who has experience of this phone and of the LG GT540 please tell me - which do they prefer and why?
  6. Quick question, can this be easily SIM unlocked?
  7. qwerta369

    What it mean ?

    Whatever you do, don't press "tell + vol down + searce" at the same time. That's the secret vibrator mode which makes anybody who touches it an instant nymphomaniac.
  8. qwerta369

    Backup user dictionary

    I guess it's not possible, no?
  9. qwerta369

    problem with texts and calls after 2.1 update

    I keep losing signal. It totally goes and says "Emergency Calls Only". If I restart the phone, problem resolved, but it's a pain. It happens once or twice a day. I've tried resolving it by switching on Airplane mode for a minute then switching it off, but that doesn't do it. I've tried resolving it by going in to manually select mobile network, and selecting another network (such as Vodafone IE) and it correctly says "Your SIM card does not allow a connection to the network" as I'd expect, but then when I try selecting Meteor (which is my network), it says the same "Your SIM card does not allow a connection to the network". Now why would that be?
  10. qwerta369

    Android 2.1 Update From LG

    Do you have to be so pompous?
  11. Anyone know how to get rid of the Orange branding?
  12. qwerta369

    Backup user dictionary

    Anyone know how to do it?
  13. They should stay. Flashing from UK CPW 1.6 to HK 1.6 the apps stayed,
  14. qwerta369

    Bug with 2.1 Baltic?

    Just happened again on me.

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