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  1. So, Ive tried using the new version with a BFPS card in a number of outlets, and it keeps getting declined. In Greggs, MacDonalds and Cafe Nero. Same issues every time. Annoyed.
  2. Hi all, Ive spent the bones of all of yesterday working on this trying to figure out how to get r87 (latest version of Patched wallet) working on my Nexus 4 here in the UK. The install instructions aren't complete (well, unless you want to trawl 600-odd posts in the thread, you will work it out eventually), so thought I would just list the steps I took to finally get it working, in the hope that I save someone, somewhere a few frustrating hours. First of all, the install. I will assume you are rooted and have a File Manager with root access. I downloaded the apk from this site, copied it to /system/bin. Then change owner to root:root for owner and group permissions and set the permissions as rw - r - r. Once thats done, immediately wipe your dalvik cache and reboot. \ Before you start Wallet, you need a working account. I will also assume you have some form of US card with a US address for Wallet as currently thats the only way it will work. I got mine from BFPS, which Paul mentioned in his post as working (and works for me). The thing that kept getting me was that I was adding my US vanilla prepaid card to my UK Google account. That failed every time. What eventually worked for me was creating a clean gmail account, with all US details (Do a search for houses for sale in Oregon or Delaware, same as the instructions when setting up your BFPS card, use any address but store the address for later). Once the account is up and running, go to the Wallet website on PC and add your ready-to-use prepaid card, with whatever address is configured for it. Go to Play store and make a single small purchase, anything at all, and make sure you choose this new card in the new account. Play allows you to choose which account and payment method to use each time. Now, open wallet, choose your new US account as the account to register, and your US card should show up, activate it, and boom, 30 seconds later you should be up and running. Ive got my card with $100 dollars on and was able to purchase a bus fare on a London bus this morning without any problems. Hoope this helps someone along!
  3. Really dont get this obsession with white phones. I think they look tacky. Had a white S3 when it first released, looked hideous so returned it. How would the shimmering back on the N4 look on white?
  4. I pressed the "Place your order" button. Except it didnt. I got my 100th error of the morning from the site, it emptied my cart and dumped me back to the details screen showing me its out of stock. I received the notification email 2 minutes later, telling me the great N4 was now available. Except its not. Its like a kick in the bollocks for my troubles. Thanks Google. Thanks loads.
  5. Anyone else getting this issue? Its constant for me. Anytime I go out of range of my WIFI connection for a while, WIFI turns off and wont turn back on unless I do it manually. Is this a known issue, or does anyone else get this? Sleep policy is set to always on, Im running last nights MCR. pre-Ir8. Is there a setting somewhere to change this behaviour?
  6. Are you using a normail gmail account or an Apps account? Apps doesnt work properly with Wallet.
  7. Hi everyone, Im not sure this has been covered already, as there are a couple threads with how to get Google Wallet installed on GNs, which I have done and have working. I have setup my phone, have my $10 credit on my google prepaid card, and everything is tickety boo. However, the big issue I see now is how to top up that prepaid card. On the phone, US is hard coded as the country, meaning I cant use any of my UK credit cards to top it up. Anyone have any idea how to go about it? Shane
  8. Im getting operation not permitted on the mount step, any ideas why? Im on Windows 7, have your r2 superboot installed... Running: C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb shell mount -o remount,rw /system mount: Operation not permitted S
  9. Sorry, Im being an idiot, once I wiped the data and cache it loaded fine. Sorry!
  10. Hi there, I previously had CM7.0.2 installed on the phone, but wanted to try out the Video chat on google so through ROM manager I installed Stock 2.3.3 fine. Phone booted and loaded normally. Then I stuck the 2.3.4 update.zip into the root sd and installed that through the recovery and that seems to work fine but now when I start the phone its stuck in a boot loop with the nexus logo and I cant get it working. Any ideas what I might have done or how to fix?
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