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  1. all, you cannot flash Chic or other to GT540. this is a different hardware type. even spec is same. wake up man, if you need a froyo on GT540, flash with Quarx n Ankuch ROM. Searching again in this Forum.
  2. i dont know why LG vietnam says, cannot update froyo to GT540. but,when i ask to LG Indonesia, and LG Indonesia say LG will be support to Froyo for GT540. I hope...!! if LG is liar then i can use Froyo unofficial from Russian. LOL
  3. at least LG say : we will be support GT50 to froyo. that's it.
  4. can you seen the email? in my email, i write LG GT540. because in indonesia LG web site, cannot found a LG GT540 type. if you can't believed, ignore this thread. thank's
  5. Dear all, yesterday i send email to LG Mobile Indonesia. i ask LG Mobile for support this phone to Froyo. and this is a email answer from LG. we hope...... :P (sorry my English) ========================= 27/11/2010 Thank you for Contacting LG Electronics Dear Mr Ronnie, Thank you for your e-mail Mr. We will facilitate the process of upgrading the firmware Firmware / OS android GT540 up to version 2.2 / Froyo in December 2010. Thanks for the suggestion Mr. We apologize for any inconvenience. Sincerely, Customer Relationship Management LG Electronics Indonesia NB. Please fill out customer satisfaction survey score in the bottom of this e-mail reply. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Received Date: 26/11/2010 22:49 24 The type of inquiry: Software / Hardware updates Product / Model Number. : WCDMA/GT505 Hello LG Mobile Indonesia, I as a user of LG Mobile type GT540 intend to ask about the continuity of support from LG for HP GT540 type this. Is LG Mobile will support firmware / OS android is up to version 2.2 / Froyo? Due to HP's other brands that my level with the GT540 also will be upgraded to version 2.2/Froyo. I represent HP LG GT540 users are expecting the LG did not stop just at the firmware 2.1 only. Please visit this web site http://www.petitiononline.com/r47boyz/petition.html which contains a petition from LG GT540 users who expect the same as me. Greeting Ronnie T
  6. Anybody has try Wifi tethering program on the GT540? What worked well? but not by AdHoc (Bernacle Program). thank's everybody...
  7. for better, you must remove app2sd before install this kernel. After upgrade the kernel, you got setting app2sd again. And until now, my experience using this kernel is Good. sorry my english.
  8. GT540 already patch for overclock up to 825mhz. open this tread Link you must upgrade kernel and you got Overclock.
  9. Credit to Quarx from 4pda Important: 1.Must be have ClockWorkMod Recovery. (for tutor please open here) 1. Added the ability to overclock the processor! (Finally I did it))): By default, the device starts with the standard frequencies of 245-600MHz. To overclock, you must install progarmmu ® SetCPU . Available frequencies: 729, 748, 768, 787, 806, 825. maybe everyone will have different maximum frequency is stable ... determine for themselves 2. Added CIFS with support for Russian language. To use the install program ® CifsManager 3. Minor changes and optimize the kernel ... Corrected version of a working G-Sensors, ADB and the PC Suite. Step for Upgrade kernel : 1.Download kernel in here 2.Extract file from downloaded. and you got 2 files -boot.img -update.zip 3.Copy file update.zip tp root on sdcard. 4.Load update.zip from Recovery Mod. 5.Copy file boot.img to adb directory and open fastboot from CMD. and type this syntax. fastboot flash boot boot.img For result :
  10. any body knows where's download the Indonesian 2.1 ROM ?
  11. i have one question , What's the advantages this rom VS black rom ?
  12. so when i unplug the sdcard then the phone already have all programs that exist in app2sd ? because i have a new app2sd too from arekl88r and app2sd will be increase internal memory equal size the ext2. but when i unplug the sdcard then the phone is back to zero again. except i have install program before running app2sd.
  13. joestone, why if i use your method for app2sd. and after i running the batch file, i got a app2sd without error. but when i check a storage size in optimus setting. i got my internal memory not increase my internal. like old app2sd. even if i install a new app, and i check my internal size, and my internal size not reduce. hehehe. i confused. sorry if my English is bad. :)
  14. yes, this bug already solved. read my tutorial again guys.
  15. i already update this method. Bug found in update.zip. thank you and sorry
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