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  1. hi guys, i've a problem (a big one) with my sisters' smartphone, the vodafone 875. The problem is simple to explain: it doesn't do anything.... neither going into recovery :v . Is there a way to unbrick it? thanks in advance
  2. hi guys! i have a gen 2 blade (i think.. i have to check again after installing a rom whitch allows me to get into the playstore and download the app to check), and i want to install the newest zeelog cyanogen, but i have to repartition the phone. I've bought another cellphone last year so it's just for fun, and i don't remember the procedure to installa the TPT. Can you help me please? maybe linking me a guide or whatever. thanks in advance. PS: among my bookmarks i have this link, containing various TPTs http://amphoras.co.uk/index.php/downloads/blade-tpts
  3. i found a very dramatic bug: the device gets stuck, reboots and apparently has ereased data about gmail contact, time and date. The first time it happened, i just reinserted the infos, last night i just turned it off , took the battery away, reinserted it and it started normally.
  4. Finally i've decided to format partitions and install this ROM... it's incredible such a little amount of lags i feel during the use of the blade.. awesome! However i found different bugs in this release: 1)when i click on the dial pad, it just doesn't start, became blank. Only if i tap again it wakes up and i can use it. 2)sometimes the navbar 's buttons go away, and only the point keep be visible, than the android.media.process crashes. 3)Different unexpected reboots (well, i think my cellphone is saying "good bye folks", due to different crashes on the floor :v XD ) 4) I can report the bug of the lockscreen, where you can't see buttons but only the wallpaper. PS: Thanks zeelog to support this device....
  5. i'd really love to flash this ROM, but..damn i'm afraid about partitioning with amphoras TPT's, reading about people who's having bricking proplems... D:
  6. thx zeelog!! :) Guys i still have not understtod, either if i can install every TPT or there are some compatible with my device (Gen 2 system 160mb)... becouse readind this topic there's a bit of confusion about the procedure O_o
  7. it's said in the first post i think: "Boot into Recovery, Clockwork. Optionally, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: BACKUP YOUR CURRENT ROM!!! Wipe Data/Factory Reset Wipe Cache Mounts/Storage > Format System (Mandatory if you're coming from any other ROM!) Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache Install from zip > Select downloaded ROM Install from zip > Select download GAPPS Reboot (might take a while,pls be patient!)"
  8. it's said in the first post.... i ought to read it, i mean, everytime :D
  9. hey guys, i've a question: i got a Gen2 ZTE Blade with 160mb of internal partition, of course i need 180mb partition to install KitKat, so my question is the next:"To install a 180mb TPT do i need to do either something different from what is reported in this page http://amphoras.co.uk/index.php/downloads/blade-tpts, or i can just run the installation process putting the files in the SD card? Thx in advance
  10. well... i've noticed more stability on CM9, less reboots etc... however, i got a 160mb partition, so i didn't try the latest upgrades... plus, my cellphone reaches just 710mhz in overclock, and this is a little big issue about fast unfortunatelly :/
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