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  1. Google Market (Play) got error: "your device isn't compatible with this item". Anyone knows how to solve this?
  2. I can boot into Android althought mine is cm_o2update.tar.gz, do I need rename and reboot?
  3. I can't boot into Android, how can I include launcher program in an update (tar.gz file) and run haret?
  4. I unexpectedly deleted ADW Launcher by Titanium backup and now can't use the phone, How can I reinstall Launcher programs?
  5. Maybe i will reinstall once again or return back to beta3. I find CM is not speedy than beta3
  6. I have updated new upload file 2 times but it's same like before:no root access. SU can't update binary, in terminal:permission denined.
  7. Mine same like this su:permission denied PS: I still update Superuser to version 3.0.7 through Market but can't update binary in SU itself in beta3, this doesn't occur
  8. How can I make my phone "rooted" again without reinstall? (because I have reinstalled 2 times). Now in Terminal Emulator when type su-->permission denied, still "$" not "#"
  9. B7610 specs tell us it has 256 mb ram, why in Android we see only 122mb? http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=1830&view=1&c=samsung_gt-b7610_omniapro_samsung_louvre Many "fake" chinese smartphone with only 650mhz mediatek cpu running android games smoothly, so I believe B7610 speed will be upgraded in next releases, is it possible?
  10. I installed on SD as your guide in first page. But in Mini Tool Partition I see as follow: It has 2 unallocated space, is it abnormal?
  11. I also can't get root access, su:perission denied Setcpu not working... Is there final work around for this problem?
  12. After serveral time format sd card -->install-->get stuck with "android loading..." or at boot screen, I decided flash again WM rom an reinstall android and surprisely, it's sucessful. An experience for whom geting stuck like me before However, I can't get root access, SU can't update, SetCPU not working...
  13. is there any tool like ghost32 to backup and restore entire android partiton?
  14. Can we use ghost32 to make an image (.gho file) of linus partition to recover when needed?
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