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  1. http://michabilbang.de/root.zip either click on that, or copy and paste that address into your broser and then save the file onto your computer. Once you have done that, unzip the file and you will see a file called z4root.1.3.0.apk. Copy this file from your computer onto the SD card in your phone. Then on your phone use a file manager such as astro to install the app (make sure you have unkown sources checked in application settings) Ive used z4root on my GT540 with android 2.1 and it worked without any problems.
  2. Does zooming with the volume buttons in camera work in this version? As it used to force close in all the other versions. And some of the profiles/writing being in russian? And are more of the locales there, in the language and keyboard settings, for example English UK? Also does the gallery work in this version, or does it still show "there are no items in your collection"
  3. Im currently making a few tweaks to joe stone's 2.3 ROM and need a few files frmo anyone who is using a rooted 2.1 GT540 ROM. I will update the list as i need them, but the first file I need is the Camera App that LG included in 1.6 and 2.1 It should be located in system/app/Camera.apk I think. If anyone has this and could send it to me I would be greatful. I will also update this list shortly with the changes That I am hoping to make, if this turns out ot be a success
  4. You mean the 2.3.4 version that you recently posted?
  5. Have you been having any problems with the USB ports on the PC prior to this? It would most likely be easier to try and walk through this step by step with you to see exactly what is going on, if that would be of any use to you? As I would assume its not currently being of much help to you when you have to post here adn wait for ages until I get online to reply. If you want to try and walk through it step by step and I will hopefully get this workign with them then drop me a PM and we can go through together via an instant messenger or something along them lines, if that would help you?
  6. Which device has the yellow exclamation mark next to it. What is it called?
  7. Hi claire, Am I right in assuming frmo the sound of what you have said that you are trying to update your phone to android 2.1 from 1.6? Do you get any error messages or anything when you are trying to connect the phone? Let me know whats happening and I will do my best to try and help you.
  8. I tried this version but have since gone back to standard 2.1 as I found a few things that didnt work, not sure if anyone else found these also... The gallery doesnt display any photos, or anything. It just shows "There are no items in your collection" no matter what I try, does anyone else have this problem? Is there a fix? Also contacts no longer has the option to show contacts stored on the sim card. In fact is doesnt even have the option to copy contacts to or from the sim card either. Another bug I found is in the camera app, if you go into settings and enable the use of zoom using the volume buttons, when you try to soom it just Force closes, or just takes you right back the home screen. A minor annoyance, although not a bug as such is that it doesnt have English UK as a locale, you have to use morelocale2 for it. I did notice also that a few things seem to appear in russian I think it is, for example if you go into profiles settings all the profile names are in russian.
  9. Does anyone else experience this problem with geo-tagged photos... Using stock LG 2.1 ROM, when long pressing on a photo in the gallery, you get the option of "show on maps" which is meant to show you on google maps where the photo was taken. However when you do this, maps just displays a message saying something along the lines of "No results found for (whatever the co-ordinates are). I have a feeling that this could be a bug with the gallery app itself, as it possibly sends the co-ordinates to the google maps in brackets, if you search for the location without brackets manually it finds it. Just wondering if this definately is a bug that other people experience too, or is it just me?
  10. ClockworkMod will be overwritten and will be gone. Following the above steps will put the phone back to an official stock LG rom, as it will be completely unmodified, and will be back to standard 2.1 just like it was if you had updated using the LG support tool the official ways.
  11. Is there a way of being able to use the GT540 as a MODEM to allow you to access the internet on PC via the phones 3G/GPRS connection. Im not looking for a root method (Eg barnacle etc..) and im using an officla LG 2.1 ROM. I know only android 2.2 seens to support usb/wifi tethering, but is there any other method on 2.1 without having to root. Does the LG PC Suite allow a feature such as this? I know when you install the drivers to allow flashing of KDZ files etc. one of the drivers it installs is the LG Modem driver (The one you have to disable for flashing in download mode) SO does this mean that somehow there is a way to use the phones internet connection to browse on a PC/Laptop with either the pc cuite or another method?
  12. Ive also gone back to 2.1 for now. Noticed 2 other slight problems with the 2.2.1 while playing about with it earlier... 1: The gallery doesnt seem to show up any pictures in it? I tried taking some with the camera and they didnt shwo up in the gallery, it just stays as empty. Also, the camera button cant be used to take a photo, you have to use the on screen button to take a photo. On a seperate note, although nota problem, why are all the live wallpaers missing? THe only one showing up is google maps live wallpaper.
  13. Where abouts are you from? Which is the official firmware version for your phone/region? 20C worked fine for me, and this is also the official firmware for where I live. I cant see how other versions of 2.1 wouldnt work though, as most are all the same apart from locale changed and a few apps added/removed. What actualyl happen when you switch on the phone after going back to 2.1?
  14. I dont think that the bightness adjustment works in the camera? Can anyone else confirm this?
  15. DO you have the option set to 3GQCT in KDZ_FW_UPD when flashing the 2.1 ROM?
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