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  1. Hopefully you had some time as it needs some work from what i looked at so far ;)
  2. Of course its possible, just no one is interested in doing it or at least has been interested in doing it ... Until this point stability was key and way more important than a few extra mhz.. undervolting is probably much more interesting...
  3. Glad to hear it :) give me some time to aquire a usb cable to fix the mess i left myself in using beta1, stuck on reboot of death after changing dpi to 160 and no cable to wipe the cache partition to fix .. hey maybe an idea to add that to the reboot script, save the black screen issue for everyone .. good work btw .. it looked and felt real good for the time i was playing with it..
  4. Evening chaps .. Beta1 is the latest release of Jelly for the Vega? or is it worth my while pulling the source and compiling to get newer fixes ? Cheers Cass
  5. yeah big improvement .. 16 hrs on battery, 1 hr screen time .. 30 mins calls.. 60% left .. no where near that on pre 2.17 Cass
  6. Yeah id like to join in but for now i don't have the time, concentrating on getting a CCNA exam on Friday out the way and then its on to CCNP level study for the months ahead. No time for fun at all im afraid :( Not looked into the aufs stuff at all .. sounds interesting ...
  7. To be honest i think the limit is pretty much reached, save for fighting for a few meg here and there ... probably its just time to cut over to using the sdcard a lot more than it is used now .. but hey there is probably not as much fun doing that :) I am enjoying watching this process from the outside though.. good job yet again to you all :)
  8. When i was squashing stuff for the builds i was putting out i found that the benefits reported by using lzma was not enough to bother with the hassle of having to compile it into the kernel and having to compile the squashfs binary with this support. I made that choice to allow those who wanted to make a change to the squashfs container to do so with the minimum of fuss as i was unsure of the support of lzma in other os types other than Linux. and to be honest in real world i didnt notice too much space reclaim if any or performance gain over default gzip compression. The first couple of alphas i put out used xz im sure...
  9. There is an option in kernel config that need to be enabled for devmapper to work. Forget just now what its called but grepping for dm will probably get it. Could be dmraid I'm thinking of..
  10. Looking at that dmesg around 4 seconds in there is bitching about a mmc regulator not found.. looks suspect..
  11. Not at all mate.. just works.. don't have exact command to hand.. ill post what I do when I'm near a keyboard..
  12. We can get to fastboot mode only when there is no boot partition info valid.. format that partition with nvflash and it may drop to fastboot mode like vega.. Cass
  13. Nice work mate.. I had issues last I looked getting ppp to work using those scripts, kept getting device in use errors.. weird.. work has been hectic so no chance to go back to fix it.. glad you did.. Cheers Cass
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