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  1. From the ones that sent the phone to a service location, nobody knows what was the problem, what exactly did the service folks do in order to fix it; I mean what part they changed or something like that?
  2. that doesnt do the trick either... anybody knows what is this suppose to mean during the update process? INFO[RUU]WP,radio,100 this is the troublesome part when updating with a RUU..... .exe file. if i am able to understand what does this line do then I can narrow the problem a bit. thanks!
  3. update...I tried flashing a pb99img.zip file also, but again it doesnt work bringing up the same error like when I tried to root it in the first place, 51: partition update fail, again when the radio is being written. nobody has any thoughts on what else to try here?
  4. the link for that PBxxxx.zip file doesnt work...can you please indicate another download location...just to try in cmd fastboot update pbxxxx.zip...maybe it works about that RUU.exe I already tried that together with some other RUUs but I get error 110 file open error and there is a progress bar on the phone (normally green through the process) that turns red when the radio is being written, then goes back green, but the overall process fails.
  5. well, doesnt really count as progress, this error shows when I try to flash a RUU.exe file with a bootloader version below 0.80xx if I try to flash a RUU.exe that's newer than that one, I get the good old 110 error as before. the problem is that I lost adb connectivity with the phone and only having fastboot in cmd doesnt get me anywhere, or probably I dont know the trick to it :lol:
  6. tried to run this RUU that I believe has a bootloader version of 0.75 and didnt work, error 140 (bootloader version error): RUU_Bravo_HTC_WWE_1.15.405.4_Radio_32.30.00.28U_4.05.00.11_release_122704.exe so I guess the bootloader cant go below 0.80, it goes up from it and back to it, but not below 0.80 based on the RUU that I try to flash. thought it might help...
  7. further play with the phone... I tried fastboot update update.zip and here is the log: D:\AndroidSDK\tools>fastboot update r8modaco.zip archive does not contain 'android-info.txt' archive does not contain 'android-product.txt' error: update package has no android-info.txt or android-product.txt I added android-info.txt from another pack to the r8modaco.zip archive and then got the log below complaining about the signature D:\AndroidSDK\tools>fastboot update update.zip archive does not contain 'boot.sig' archive does not contain 'recovery.sig' archive does not contain 'system.sig' -------------------------------------------- Bootloader Version...: 0.80.0000 Baseband Version.....: Serial Number........: HT05XPL08419 -------------------------------------------- sending 'boot' (2414 KB)... OKAY [ 0.422s] writing 'boot'... INFOsignature checking... FAILED (remote: 12 signature verify fail) finished. total time: 0.703s But again, to your point about following that thread, the fastboot command only works in cmd, I cant access the fastboot menu on the phone as any combination of power + vol down/back doesnt work. I might need to use in cmd fastboot update (for zips) or fastboot flash (for imgs) but I dont have either a zip or img file that will somehow bypass the checks on signature, etc. Here is actually where I look for some professional help from you guys that actually know how to write code for this as I dont have this knowledge. The only noob hunch that I have at the moment is to run a RUU file that has a radio version of 5.10xx included. This is because that was the radio version that I had before trying to root again (Paul's r8 pre-baked) and the whole mess. I know that the phone shows a 4.06xx radio version, but this is why it's just a gut feel :lol: Looking forwards to further help, maybe a customized update.zip or .img file that will be written using fastboot in cmd without errors like I get now. Somehow the phone seems confused, as running several RUUs is changing the bootloader version, also up to 0.83 or even 0.92 and gets it back down to 0.80 again depending on the RUU that I use, but firmware and radio remains the same...
  8. here is also the cmd log after running fastboot oem boot: D:\AndroidSDK\tools>fastboot oem boot ... INFOsetup_tag addr=0xA0000100 cmdline add=0x8E 07D944 INFOTAG:Ramdisk OK INFOTAG:smi ok, size = 0 INFOTAG:hwid 0x0 INFOTAG:skuid 0x21F04 INFOTAG:hero panel = 0x0 INFOTAG:engineerid = 0x0 INFOMCP dual-die INFOMCP dual-die INFOTAG:mono-die = 0x0 INFODevice CID is not super CID INFOCID is HTC__032 INFOsetting->cid::HTC__032 INFOserial number: HT05XPL08419 INFOcommandline from head: no_console_suspend=1 INFOcommand line length =430 INFOactive commandline: board_bravo.disable_uart3=0 board_bravo. INFOusb_h2w_sw=0 board_bravo.disable_sdcard=0 diag.enabled=0 boa INFOrd_bravo.debug_uart=0 smisize=0 userdata_sel=0 androidboot.e INFOmmc=false androidboot.baseband= androidboot.cid INFO=HTC__032 androidboot.carrier=HTC-EastEurope androidboot.mid INFO=PB9920000 androidboot.keycaps=qwerty androidboot.mode=norma INFOl androidboot.serialno=HT05XPL08419 androidboot.bootloader=0 INFO.80.0000 no_console_suspend=1 INFOaARM_Partion[0].name=misc INFOaARM_Partion[1].name=recovery INFOaARM_Partion[2].name=boot INFOaARM_Partion[3].name=system INFOaARM_Partion[4].name=cache INFOaARM_Partion[5].name=userdata INFOpartition number=6 INFOValid partition num=6 INFOmpu_nand_acpu_rw A1E 1000 INFOjump_to_kernel: machine_id(2457), tags_addr(0x20000100), ker INFOnel_addr(0x20008000) INFO-------------------hboot boot time:122798 msec FAILED (status read failed (Too many links)) finished. total time: 101.781s I thought it might help the troubleshooting...
  9. Would appreciate your help on the following issue (amoled display): - phone doesnt boot up, it is stuck to a screen showing htc in the middle and 4 small triangles in the corners; if I unplug the pc cable it goes to a RUU menu - no access to recovery or bootloader menus (by holding power + vol down/back) - installing stock RUUs dont work; there is a 110 error saying that the RUU is not complete (tried 5-6 RUUs, both 2.1 and 2.2). there is a progress bar on the phone's screen that is normally green, but turns red when the radio is being written (as per the install wizard on the pc) and there is another triangle showing up at the end of the progress bar - fastboot oem boot restarts the phone, but then it gets stuck to the white screen having htc in the middle (like when you start up the phone and after this quietly brilliant shows under htc, for me it doesnt go beyond this initial point) - fastboot reboot-bootloader restarts the phone into the same 4triangles screen with htc in the middle - adb doesnt work as it doesnt show my device - any power + vol down/back combination brings the phone to the 4triangles screen - if I run the stock RUU after fastboot oem boot (white screen with htc in the middle) there is a menu showing up on top of the white screen showing up the progress (1-bootloader, 2-radio_v2, 3-radio, then system, recovery, user data, etc.); bootloader is updated ok but then it gets stuck when updating radio_v2 and doesnt move further from that point) - after the RUU install fails, I plug out the pc cable and see the RUU menu; depending on the RUU that I try to flash the hboot version changes up and even goes down after, but the firmware (what the RUU installer "sees" on the phone) and radio (seen on the RUU menu) remains the same: 1.21.405.1 and 4.06xx; the date on the RUU menu also changes depending on the RUU that I try to flash Any suggestions to get my desire unbricked? Bit of a background to the problem: - rooted (unlockr) and was having Paul's r3 rom (2.1) - updated the radio to 5.10xx - got into silly restarts when using gps and thought to reflash a new rom and went for Paul's r8 - restarts were there also when using the phone normally - thought to re-do all the rooting, wiping out everything from the phone, etc; so having r8 as the rom (pre-baked version) I started the rooting process with creating again the goldcard, etc etc - error message at some point saying partition update fail (following the steps from theunlockr as I did the first time when rooting) and then the phone got to this triangles screen with htc in the middle - strange though that this screen is different than the one when I first rooted when there was just one big triangle in the middle Thanks a ton guys!
  10. tried that already with several RUUs (2.1 and 2.2) but I get error 110 and the progress bar turns red when writing the radio... adb is not working as the device is not listed and I have only fastboot in cmd, no recovery or bootloader menus...
  11. after flashing the r8 pre-baked version, I got some weird restarts and thought to re-do all the rooting for the phone, erase everything and start from scratch. I used the instructions from theunlockr as when I first rooted up the phone with Paul's r3. the problem is that I got some error on the way and now th OS doesnt boot up, recovery and bootloader menus are not accesible. the only thing that I see on the phone when powered up is HTC written in the middle and there are 4 triangles in the corners with the ! mark in them. if I plug out the pc cable I get to a menu similar to the bootloader one, but just with RUU as an option. if I try to write a stock RUU (tried a few 2.1 and 2.2 ones) there is a green progress bar on the phone's screen that turns red for a second and then back green. it turns red when the radio is being written, and at the end I get an error 110 saying that the RUU file is incomplete or not correct. I do all this having a goldcard inside. after the error the hboot version on the phone changes as per the RUU that I try to flash and goes above 0.80xx and comes back down as well. but the radio and the firmware doesnt change. I think I saw that the r8 from Paul has the 5.10xx radio version included and maybe I need to flash a RUU with this radio version included, so that I dont try to run an "older" RUU to it? any clue on what is the problem? thanks a ton guys and looking forward to your help as right now I have a brick.
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