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  1. Thanks, all working apart from all back up. Carl..
  2. Hi Guys, not posted for a while as all was well with my G300, have been running B888 since May with no issues. Recently the phone started acting strange and usually a re install of B888 fixed it, but today i decided to update to ICS. I followed the instructions and have now got B952 up and running, however it seems like its a generic ICS, thankfully no Voda stuff, but unfortunatley no Huawei stuff either. I love the Weather Wiget for example. Also the back up feature that was working on B888 does not work in B952, so i have to manually re install all my contacts. So is there a way to get the Huawei stuff on? previously there was a vendor folder included, but this didnt have one. Well TIA for any advice. Carl..
  3. Rednose01

    Orange San Diego

    Just seen it in my local Orange store , was on sale and display, looked ok, but dosent stand out for a 199 quid
  4. Rednose01

    Earphones problem

    I would like to know how to fix this too. Didnt hapen on my previous Android, if i was listening to media and a call came through,i could simply start talking into the phone mic whitout removing my headphones, now i have to unplug them for the other person to hear me.
  5. Rednose01

    Contact Pictures

    Funily enough i was going to ask the same thing, when receiving an incoming call there was no contact picture showing. But just recently,and i dont no what i did other than restart the o.s. i now have all my contact pictures show when i get a call. Go figure.
  6. Rednose01

    How many people are using B888

    Well i have just installed it and the vendor files, direct from the phone, no multiple button presses or batterey pulls, no issues. I also backed up everything using thd in built app,which worked like a charm. Definatley more responsive in every way. 1 thing i noticed before doing the vendor update, it gave 7 home screens as opose to the usual 5, i seem to rember someone querying this ages ago. Oh yeh, the sounds still fine! Carl..
  7. Rednose01

    Protective cases

    Hey just browsing and came across this case, It looks well designed. http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/608303/211187543-554548947/Nillkin-case-for-Huawei-Ascend-G300-U8818-screen-protector-free.html Appologies in advance if its already been posted! Carl..
  8. 2 hour update, everything working great, had 1 random reboot when i was texting,but could of been anything. Volume all sorted, its actually pretty loud, defintley a lot louder than my LG optimus one. So yes it was worth the effort. Carl..
  9. Who Hoo, Panicked for a few minutes there as it didnt recognise my mobile vendor (im unlocked on Virgin and thought it had wiped my unlock) but all seems to be working ok. So as above it would appear to work only if extracted from the External SD Card. Big Thanks to Frankish! :D p.s. Ah so thats what my phone sounds like :lol:
  10. I think thats got it, it says its unpacking, not just the pink screen!
  11. I put it on the internal, just going to try it on the external. Thanks!
  12. Nice One, All i wanted was to get shut of the Voda Garbage, and the Volume Fixed. Attempting stage one now! Weehee!! Carl.. OMG, step 1b (LOL) when i hold the volume up and down + power, all i get is pinkish screen, thats not right is it?
  13. I tried and failed to complete section 2 cwm,so ive got no chance!
  14. OK having spent the last 3 hours going round in circles im am about to give up. I have never atempted anything like this. I have managed to root the phone which i think went OK i can see SU installed. So now i want to ClockworkMod it. I followed the link and have installed Android SDK. and downloaded the file "Recovery image" Where i am getting stuck is the Command Prompt run 'fastboot flash recovery <filename>.img. Where does the fastboot bit come in, is this a seperate download? Then What, run that and then type "Recovery"? I am a noob, be gentle! Carl..
  15. Mine was bought in the first few days of them going on sale, i can not hear the phone ring if im out, yet i can hear everyone elses, so there is definatley an issue. The FM radio trick does indeed increase the volume but: a. It looks stupid having a jack sticking out perminently and: b, when you receive a call it auto shuts off the radio, so the volume returns to err,(normal)! Other than that i realy like it.

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